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  • Alex Escort Latino, Barcelona, Spain - Adult gay porn
  • ALL, Lommel, Europe - Adult gay porn
  • Alpha Bootis Books, Manchester, National - Adult gay porn
  • Amateur Gay Videos, St. Louis, USA - Adult gay porn
  •, Burnaby, National - Adult gay porn
  • American Men Network, Los Angeles, USA - Adult gay porn
  •, Seattle, USA - Adult gay porn
  • Antton Harri, National - Adult gay porn
  • Ass 2 Mouth, San Miguel De Salinas, National - Adult gay porn
  • ATL Boys, Atlanta, USA - Adult gay porn
  • AtomicQueens, Austin, National - Adult gay porn
  • Audacious Twin Brothers, International - Adult gay porn
  • Aurora Electronics, Santa Ana Heights, USA - Adult gay porn
  • Aussie Guyz, Perth, Australia - Adult gay porn
  • AVNLimited, National - Adult gay porn
  • Bandit Boys 2, Toronto, Canada - Adult gay porn
  • Bawdy Behaviour, USA - Adult gay porn
  • BDSM Matrix, Orlando, USA - Adult gay porn
  •, Santa Clara, USA - Adult gay porn
  • beefy, International - Adult gay porn
  • Best Free Gay Porn, Chicago, USA - Adult gay porn
  • Big Black, International - Adult gay porn
  • Big City Video, New York, USA - Adult gay porn
  • Big Twat, Canada - Adult gay porn
  • BJs Gay Chat Room, National - Adult gay porn
  • Black Dick and, USA - Adult gay porn
  • Black, Baltimore, USA - Adult gay porn
  • black, International - Adult gay porn
  • Black Sun productions, International - Adult gay porn
  • BMS, Miami, USA - Adult gay porn
  • Bob Skin's, International - Adult gay porn
  •, Dallas, National - Adult gay porn
  • Bondage,fetish,gay,items at Unic-Horn, Dover, National - Adult gay porn
  • BotBoy Webdesign, Heerlen, National - Adult gay porn
  • Boy, USA - Adult gay porn
  • Boy Jocks, Perth, Australia - Adult gay porn
  • Boy, Boynton Beach, USA - Adult gay porn
  •, Fort Lauderdale, USA - Adult gay porn
  • BOYBOX, Dallas, USA - Adult gay porn
  • Boys Emo, Campina, Europe - Adult gay porn
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    Gay Interchange - 50p/min
    34 LS27 8AJ


    Why Is Gay Porn So Popular in Pakistan?
    Gay Tolerance world map

    Only 2% accept homosexuality, yet Pakistan is by volume the world leader for Google searches for gay sex 14 Jun 13

    Bondage Bow - Sh! launches a stylish and unsuspecting gift bow, that once unwrapped can be used for adventure in the bedroom - handmade in the UK, from a ribbon of 100% natural rubber latex and stainless-steel fastener 17 Apr 13

    Top porn sites 'pose growing malware risk' to users 11 Apr 13

    Six day Bondage & SM course - GMFA provides a safe space for you to explore BDSM with useful tips about equipment, safety, communications skills and sexual health 13 Mar 13

    The world's top porn search terms revealed:
    - Ukrainian: "Raincoat (gay)"
    - Iran's sixth: "Hotel businessman (gay)"
    - Kentucky: "Free gay porn"
    - Australia: "Aussie (gay)"
    - Peru: top 10 all gay porn related | 13 Mar 13

    'Attempt to ban porn' discovered in EU report 9 Mar 13

    Facebook shuts down 'Bareback Page,' devoted to unprotected gay sex, after more than 20,000 'Like' it 14 Feb 13

    Arpad Miklos

    Arpad Miklos - popular gay porn star has been found dead in his New York apartment 7 Feb 13


    FS magazine

    Tech Sex - Technology has certainly changed how gay men communicate. In this issue we look at just how smartphone apps and social media has changed how gay men hook up
    gmfa 5 Feb 13

    Gay asylum seekers show film of themselves having sex, under pressure to prove sexuality, say UK experts 4 Feb 13

    Exposure to pornography softens opposition to same-sex marriage among the largest group of naysayers, heterosexual men 4 Feb 13

    British culture 'increasingly pornified', says Diane Abbott 22 Jan 13

    Anti-gay Illinois pastor called 911 from the rectory needing help getting out of handcuffs 5 Jan 13

    British government accused of misleading in gay lawyer's extreme porn case - why did the CPS decide to prosecute 5 Jan 13

    Golden Eye porn producer seeks to widen piracy blitz - offering its services to other rights holders 28 Dec 12

    Josh Weston

    Josh Weston - Gay porn star succumbs to HIV-related complications - worked with several bareback studios 20 Dec 12

    Google tweaks image search to make porn harder to find 14 Dec 12

    3D penis print-outs are the future of dildos 10 Dec 12

    Sex therapists call for legalisation of 'virtual' child porn to 'relieve paedophiles' urges' 20 Nov 12

    Internet porn - all the pracy, none of the scurvey

    Digital rights group seeks financial help to stop an adult film-maker contacting Britons suspected of pirating pornographic movies 17 Nov 12


    Rainbow condoms must be used in LA porn filming

    Condom requirement for
    LA porn filming -
    approved by Los Angeles County voters. Porn producers will have to purchase a public health permit 8 Nov 12


    Just-In Beaver sex doll

    Justin Bieber
    Sex Doll is 'Unofficial'
    Beliebers weren't the only ones anxiously awaiting their idol's graduation to legality, with the launch of a bisexual blow-up boyfriend 7 Nov 12


    Gay porn website
    gets $3 Million
    in damages - from BitTorrent uploaders who used paid memberships on Flava Works to download porn movies (legally) and then distribute them for free 3 Nov 12

    Many teenagers regularly view porn. But does this give them a distorted view of sex and relationships? 25 Oct 12

    Warning that sexually explicit posts are being stolen and copied onto hardcore porn websites 25 Oct 12

    Panto star has been axed as Prince Charming - after it was revealed that he appeared in a porn film 25 Oct 12

    U.S. Marshals raid notorious gay-porn DVD pirate warehouse 25 Oct 12

    Attention aspiring pornographers: you can now own your very own ".XXX" website 25 Oct 12

    Straight model from to feature in Logo's new series "DTLA" 25 Oct 12

    Leslie Pumm

    Leslie Pumm - Germany's only sex shop apprentice, 18-year-old is learning the business at his mother's store - being gay gives him an advantage at work 12 Oct 12

    Gay Miami strip club, Swinging Richards, wins stunning victory against the City to allow naked dancers | 11 Oct 12

    Will Young porn addiction

    Will Young's porn addiction - "What I've realised is that growing up knowing I was gay from a young age, I always felt extremely ashamed. It's a cliché but it's true." 8 Oct 12


    Erase convictions for consensual gay sex

    Historic convictions- Stonewall publishes guide to help men clear their names and erase historic convictions for consensual gay sex | Download Guide 1 Oct 12


    Ryon Idol

    Ryan Idol - Ex-gay porn star gets 12 years in prison for beating ex-girlfriend 28 Sep 12


    Dallas Cowboys

    Dallas Cowboys - NFL team finds their web site is now a gay dating site 25 Sep 12


    Tim Dax

    Tim Dax - Gay-Porn actor says he was tricked into appearing in Innocence of Muslims movie 17 Sep 12

    Gay mobile ad network announced 26 Sep 12

    Andrew Koch gay porn

    Andrew Koch - Florida man discharged from Navy for doing gay porn as Patrick Hunter 13 Sep 12

    The gay porn world makes actors wear rubbers and doesn't test for STIs. That's changing, and not everyone's happy 9 Sep 12

    Internet porn blocking consultation draws to close in UK 6 Sep 12

    New York court overturns zoning law on adult clubs, video stores 1 Sep 12

    Trevor Yates Bel Ami Pope

    The Pope - could end up in a Bel Ami porn film, as actor Trevor Yates dressed up as a priest to visit The Vatican 31 Aug 12

    UK Naked Men announce multiple nominations in the first PinkX Gay Video Awards 28 Aug 12

    Dolph Lambert Bel Ami Elton John

    Dolph Lambert - Bel Ami porn star joins Elton John on his yacht in St Tropez 22 Aug 12

    Extreme porn acquittal puts prosecutors in the dock
    CPS criticised for being out of touch and threatening personal freedoms after barrister is cleared 11 Aug 12

    Simon Walsh gay porn

    Simon Walsh

    Former Boris Johnson aide cleared of possession of 'extreme pornography' 9 Aug 12

    The shameful and nasty prosecution of Simon Walsh
    A jury unanimously acquits 9 Aug 12

    Raises questions about the right of the state to intrude on individual's private and consensual sex lives 9 Aug 12

    'These allegations have damaged my career - I do not believe that when I stood for public office I gave up my right to a private sexual life' - Simon Walsh 9 Aug 12

    CPS lawyer claims GUM clinics visits are linked to 'risky practices' 9 Aug 12

    SM Gays

    SM Gays - is a not-for-profit social and educational group for gay men interested in consensual, sexual sadomasochism
    Thu 16 Aug: bondage 9 Aug 12


    Chris Brown

    Chris Brown - Rhiana's ex is plagued by gay rumors after oral sex pic revealed online 9 Aug 12


    FS mag gay porn

    Bareback porn - 'It doesn't do me any harm - but it's bad for other people' - FS Magazine's porn survey finds one in four gay men watch porn every day 8 Aug 12


    Bel Ami RSVP

    Bel Ami models to sue RSVP Vacations - after 'nightmare' vacation they were allegedly kicked off-board and stranded in revolution-wreaked Tunisia 5 Jul 12

    Exotic male dancers sue gay cruise ship for marooning them in War Zone 28 Jun 12

    Swinging Richards

    Swinging Richards - Gay male strip club sues North Miami Beach to allow its dancers to perform nude
    miamiherald 22 Jun 12

    Benjamin Bowers

    Benjamine Bowers - Model claims he was instructed to masturbate nude for photo shoot, sues Abercrombie & Fitch for a million 20 Jun 12

    easy tiger bournemouth

    Bournemouth sex shop wins best Jubilee window contest and certificate from Council 20 Jun 12

    O2 porn filesharers to be sent letters from film-maker 1 Jun 12

    Google rejects automatic pornography block rules

    Philosopher Alain de Botton to investigate pornography to see it can be turned into a moral and noble industry 19 May 12

    UK considers blocking all porn sites. David Cameron wants you to have to 'opt in' with your ISP 5 May 12

    Kink Hires Michael Stabile to promote, and

    Billy Herrington

    Billy Herrington - Japan's favorite gay porn star on an anime motorcycle 2 May 12

    Priest issues apology for displaying gay porn images - asks for sabbatical 29 Apr 12

    Fetish porn

    Fetish filmmaker - Ira Isaacs found guilty on five counts of violating federal US obscenity laws 29 Apr 12

    Californian city approves Porn Condom Law - and police must review unedited copies 26 Apr 12

    Porn-Brain Study: Erotic movies make brain regions 'shut down' 21 Apr 12

    Top-level web domains for .SEX, .PORN, and .ADULT to complement the new.XXX domoan, have been applied for 13 Apr 12

    Egypt bans internet porn, blocks websites 31 Mar 12

    Irish priest says he has no idea how gay porn appeared during his PowerPoint presentation 31 Mar 12

    O2 to "co-operate fully" with High Court order to hand customer details over to a porn company 28 Mar 12

    Attitude magazine drops "adult" ads 27 Mar 12

    Alan Sugar Tweets support for online sex shop

    At a XXX-roads - The adult industry is seeking respectability - and profits 18 Mar 12

    Outraged porn stars dismiss Santorum's 'ridiculous' war on porn as a ploy to win votes 18 Mar 12


    porn effects on brain

    Porn on the brain - An explanation of the neurological repercussions of porn and how it can affect your love life 29 Feb 12

    EuroMedia forms new gay adult multimedia entertainment company 25 Feb 12

    Sir Richard Branson wins rights to

    D.C. police target gay men in online sting - arrest men who "entice" or "persuade" juveniles for sex 24 Feb 12

    YouPorn data breach exposes 1 million user logins 24 Feb 12

    Could gay porn lawsuit mark the end of free Wi-Fi hotspots? 12 Feb 12

    Condoms in porn: AIDS group vows to expand fight from LA City to LA County 22 Jan 12

    Grindr hacked

    100,000 Grindr users exposed - A popular "meat-market" smartphone app that spawned a sexual revolution in Australia's gay community has been compromised by a Sydney hacker 20 Jan 12

    Putting the 'gay' back in adult video awards shows 20 Jan 12

    Porn industry mulls leaving LA if condoms required 19 Jan 12

    Iran confirms death sentence for 'porn site' web programmer 19 Jan 12

    Police raid suspected gay brothel in Bristol during an operation aimed at vice and drugs 17 Jan 12

    Brent Everett

    Brent Everett - wins the coveted "Best Porn Star" award at 2012 Cybersocket Awards 12 Jan 12

    Gay porn not obscene

    Obscenity trial of the decade - clarifies the law on the representation of gay fisting, water sports and BDSM 7 Jan 12

    'Sleazy Michael' wins obscenity trial over fisting DVDs 6 Jan 12

    SM_gays_30 years

    30 Years of SM Gays - since July 1981 encouraging safe and lawful SM practices through sharing of information among people with similar interests 7 Jan 12

    Mason Wyler

    Mason Wyler - HiV and Me - after shooting scenes with more than 300 men, his porn career came to an abrupt halt when he was diagnosed with HIV 25 Dec 11

    Trent Arsenault

    Trent Arsenault - The porny pastimes of the world's most famous sperm donor 23 Dec 11

    Scheme to protect sex workers from violent customers, launched in UK using 'Ugly Mugs' pictures
    PA 17 Dec 11

    More students turn to sex trade to fund their education 14 Dec 11

    Noisy gay orgy in Tokyo prompts raid by the cops 6 Dec 11

    Miss America pageant sponsor resigns after gay porn revelations 1 Dec 11

    Francois Sagat

    Francois Sagat - gay porn star and actor to give master class at Museum Of Arts And Design in NYC 18 Nov 11


    Occupy My Throat gay porn movie filmed during Occupy Oakland 23 Nov 11

    Diary of a porn store clerk: our clientele taught me a whole new perspective on sex 20 Nov 11

    Porn sites sue internet regulator over .xxx web address 22 Nov 11

    FreshSX London porn studio receives 6 nominations for the Cybersocket Web Awards 19 Nov 11

    Man pleads guilty to penis pump Medicare scam - shipped to diabetes patients 19 Nov 11

    Czech MP shows gay porn at Prague City Hall to protest rental contract 16 Nov 11

    Stop Fisting Censorship - Production companies might skirt the line by allowing up to four fingers 24 Oct 11

    Internet providers offer parents bar on porn 12 Oct 11 sells for $500,000 - Smut site address commands stiff price 7 Oct 11

    Ryan Idol gay porn murder

    Ryan Idol - Former gay porn star and Broadway vet convicted of attempted murder 22 Sep 11

    FreshSX London porn studio receives 16 nominations for the Hustlaball Awards | 22 Sep 11



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