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Gay Dates through history


   Gay dates through history


See also the Wikipedia LGBT Timeline of LGBT History

In the beginning...

 c.2000 BC  Niankhkhaum and Khnumhotep
 600 BC  Sappho Greek poet
1870 Urnings published in Germany
1895 Oscar Wilde found guilty of 'Gross Indecency' - 25 May 1895
1928 Radclyffe Hall publishes 'The Well of Loneliness'
1950s 1949: Mattaachine Society, one of the first gay rights organisations, founded by Harry Hay and Gerald Heard in USA. (Hay died Oct 2002 aged 90)
1953 One Magazine published in USA
1964 Arena Three published
1965 Club Baths chain established
Lord Arran proposes to decriminalise homosexual acts in House of Lords
1966 Humphrey Berkeley MP proposes to decriminalise homosexual acts in House of Commons
1967 Homosexuality decriminalised in England and Wales limited to consenting adults in private
1968 'Boys in the Band' play performed
1969 NYPD raid Stonewall Inn - 27 and 29 June 1969
1970 GLF Gay Liberation Front formed - 13 October 1970 - meeting convened by Bob Mellors and Aubrey Walter
1971 CHE Campaign for Homosexual Equality formed at LSE
First Gay Pride March p; 300 attend
Arena Three closes, Sappho begins
'Boys in the Band' film released
1972 Gay News founded June by GLF and CHE collective
London Friend becomes the first gay group to receive statutory funds - from the Home Office and Islington Council
1973 -
1974 Him Exclusive launched
London Lesbian and Gay Switchboard starts first 24-hour line
Gay Sweatshop theatre group starts
1977 Gay News trial for blasphemous libel
Lesbian Line starts
1978 Harvey Milk assassinated, San Francisco's first openly gay supervisor
Rainbow Flag designed by Gilbert Baker in San Francisco
1979 Opening of Heaven, the first all-week gay venue to open in London
1980 Gay Life on LWT
1981 Capital Gay founded
1982 Clone Zone founded
1983 'Jenny Lives with Eric and Martin' published by Gay Mens' Press - December
1984 Him Monthly becomes Gay Times
1985 The Terrence Higgins Trust founded
'Loose Ends' with Ned Sherrin begins on Radio 4
1986 Crusaid founded
1987 The Pink Paper founded
The National AIDS Trust founded
Ian McKellen raises 450,000 for London Lighthouse with his 'Acting Shakespeare one-man show
Local Govermnet Act including Section 28 passed, preventing Local Authorities from 'promoting' homosexuality
1988 Lesbians invade The Nine O'Clock News and the House of Commons in protest at Clause 28
National AIDS Manual founded
1989 Stonewall launched
'Out on Tuesday' begins on Channel Four
Quim launched
Venus Rising begins
1990 All Points North APN founded
'Oranges Are Not The Only Fruit' BBC
OutRage! formed
1991 'Out' relaunched on Channel 4
Saturday Night Out on BBC2
Boyz founded
Criminal Justice Bill allows judges to penalise consensual gay acts.
Sir Ian McKellen has 40 minute meeting with the Prime Minister John Major - September
1992 The World Health Organisation ceases to classify homosexuality as a disease
First Gay Lifestyles exhibition
'It's Queer Up North' begins
'Spanner' men appeal fails
Jeremy Joseph starts G.A.Y. on Spectrum Radio - August
1993 Age of Consent reduced to 18
Gay and Lesbian London on GLR - March
MX founded
Lesbian kiss on Brookside
Elton John AIDS Foundation started
Lesbian Avengers start
Channel 4's 'Camp Christmas'
First Stonewall 'Equality Show'
1994 Phase and Bona come and go
Eleven men killed in arson attack on New City Cinema, Clerkenwell - 26 February 1994
Derek Jarman dies
GAY to Z and Diva founded
Manchester Police raid 'The Mineshaft' - 23 April 1994
Michael Brown MP comes out
Out This Week starts on Radio 5 Live
MX becomes THUD and QX
Stonewall 'Equality Show' moves to Albert Hall, biggest ticketed LGB event
Denis Lemon dies 11 August 1945 - 21 July 1994
Freedom FM broadcasts for 28 days
Angela Mason of Stonewall wins Mike Rhodes Award
Chris Smith MP becomes Shadow Heritage Secretary
Met Police raid 'Whiplash' club - 13 October 1994 (manager acquitted in May 1996)
Humphrey Berkeley MP dies - 21 February 1926-15 November 1994
1995 Dyke TV on Channel Four
Michael Barrymore outed - August 1995
Capital Gay ceases publication - 1981-June 1995 Gaytime TV on BBC2
'Out This Week' wins Sony radio award 'Age of Consent' and 'SM/Human Rights' taken to European Courts
Bishop of London, Dr David Hope, outed by Daily Telegraph
1996 Police visit Gummi and Sadie Masie, and Bass subsequently ban the clubs - January 1996
Gender Identity (Sexual and Civil Status) Bill runs out of time in Second Reading.
David Ashby MP loses libel case against Sunday Times
Defence Secretary Michael Portillo refuses to lift the ban on gays in the military - March 1996
First openly gay 'boy band' 4Guyz formed in Dublin
First Freedom Fair business and consumer exhibition - March
Pride 96 attracts 220.000 people - July
First 'Summer Rights' attracts 25,000 to Kennington Park
First Freedom Gala attracts 10,000 people to G-Mex centre Manchester - 25 August 1996
Gay Kisses on Eastenders - Aug
Prime Minister attacks Lottery grants to gay groups - August
Freedom FM begins on Astra 50 - Sept
Fire badly damages Pink Paper's offices - Sept
Freedom Magazine goes weekly - Sept
Chris Smith MP becomes Shadow Health Secretary
 January   Paul Stone claims he was the lover of Tory MP Jerry Hayes
APN Northern gay magazine closes
Bid for first gay radio station beaten by Xfm
 February  Lesbian Avengers closes
Shadow Home Secretary Jack Straw says Labour would repeal Section 28 and allow gays in the military
New combination drugs lead to the closure of two London HIV hospital wards
Spanner men appeal to European Court of Human Rights fails
 March  Police raid gay sauna in Gwent
Jewish L&G Group is 25 years old
There are 40-50 gay MPs claims lobbyist Ian Greer
Texaco stops testing recruits for HIV
 April  Ellen DeGeneres comes out in her US sit-com
Park rangers raid Hampstead Heath
British Airways launches gay package holidays
 May  Three out gay MPs - Ben Bradshaw, Chris Smith and Stephen Twigg - win in General Election
BBC begin 'It's not unusual' gay documentary series
Action against foreign partners seeking immigration suspended
Gay spys are no longer a threat to national security
First Birmingham Pride attracts 15,000
  June Gaytime TV third series on BBC2
William Hague says he does not object to gay marriages
Tony Whitehead, President of THT, awarded MBE
EuroGames attracts 350 sports people to Paris
Europride attracts 300,000
World's First Lesbian Beauty contest
 July  'Shopping and Fucking' play posters banned by London Underground
United Airlines sponsors Pride
Gianni Versace murdered outside his Miami home
 August Appeal court judges call for change of law on tennants' succession rights
Summer Rites attracts 53,000
Labout MP Gordon McMaster commits suicide after rumours he was gay and HIV-positive
Mardi Gras attracts 100,000 to Manchester
Diana, Princess of Wales, killed in car crash, before she could launch worldwide fundraising project for AIDS research
September  HIV charities attend Diana's funeral, Elton John sings 'Candle in the Wind'
National AIDS Trust and Red Ribbon International place a red ribbon wreath at Kensington Palace
Ellen DeGeneres wins an Emmy for her coming out episode
Angela Eagle, Labour MP comes out as Lesbian
Out-gay DJ Kevin Greening takes over Radio 1 breakfast show
Pink Paper celebrates 500 issues
Fifty US doctors volunteer to test live AIDS vaccine
'Making Links' is first major UK conference for HIV voluntary organisations
  October Lisa Grant wins sex discrimination claim against South West Trains after seeking equal partner benefits
Government confirms it will allow free vots on age of consent
Study finds teachers are confused about Section 28
Foreign partners of gay Britains given immigration equality for resident status
Pride announces debts of £160,000 and an uncertain future
November  George Winchcole, former manager of Comptons, cleared of sexual assault charges
Two hundred remember gay war dead at Cenotaph
Cruisers in Russell Square videoed by police having sex
First girls only 'Candy Bar' opens in Soho
Bill Clinton is first US President to address a gay rights meeting
Organisers of Manchester Mardi Gras to disband and 'regay the event'
Michael Portillo says he can see the day when we have a gay Prime Minister
Gay MP Ben Bradshaw invited to join the Marines parliamentary volunteers
Healthy Gay Scotland launched
December A third of new recruits to London Ambulance Service are gay
Equal parenting rights awarded to non-biological mother of a child born to lesbian couple
Archives reveal Home Office gave hormones and electric shock treatment in tests on prisoners in the 1950s
London Lesbian and Gay Switchboard named 'Charity of the Year' and wins Whitbread Volunteer Action Award
Gay comedian Graham Norton wins best newcomer in ITV Comedy Awards
Paul O'Grady wins best entertainment programme for The Lily Savage Show'
 January Youthspeak group for young gay people formed.
Cayman Islands refuse permission for gay cruise ship to dock. Boycott organised.
 February  Trial of the Bolton Seven concludes without prison sentances.
Lisa Grant and partner Jill Percey loose discrimination case at European Court of Justice.
 March  Sexuality is included as a human right in the Northern Ireland 'Good Friday' agreement.
Crisis at London Lighthouse results in new focus for the HIV centre.
The TownHouse Club for 'A' Queens opens in Mayfair.
 April  Peter Tatchell is arrested after disrupting the Archbishop of Canterbury on Easter Sunday.
George Michael is caught red handed in a cottage in Los Angeles.
The Age of Consent Bill is proposed in the House of Commons by Ann Keen MP.
 May Eurovision Song contest won by transsexual Dana.
Footballer Justin Fashanu commits suicide in a garage in London after he is alleged to have made advances to a young man in Florida.
 June  Pride 98 cancelled after poor ticket sales (and after the previous year's organisation had gone into liquidation). Many people do not get refunds.
House of Commons votes in favour of an equal age of consent. Gordon Marsden MP comes out.
 July  The House of Lords defeats the bill which included an equal age of consent.
Ann Keen MP is awarded the Brian Kennedy Award by the Gay Business Association.
 August  Summer Rites goers ahead at Brockwell park in appalling weather.
Gay Games hosted and welcomed by the City of Amsterdam. Britain comes fourth.
 September  Gay DJ Kevin Greening sacked from Radio 1 breakfast show.
 October  Matthew Shepherd is murdered in Wyoming in a homophic attack.
Cabinet Minister Peter Mandelson's sexuality is revealed by Matthew Paris on Newsnight.
 November  Ron Davies MP is in trouble after an incident on Clapham Common. Nick Brown MP, the Minister for Agriculture comes out, making four known gay cabinet ministers.
The repeal of the hated Section 28 is not included in the Queens Speech.
Mo Mowlem receives a standing ovation at the Stonewall Equality Show at the Albert Hall. She presents an award to Irish gay activists.
 December  George Michael talks to Michael Parkinson about his exploits and his latest CD 'Ladies & Gentlemen'.
Peter Tatchell receives a fine of just £18.60, reflecting the year when the law under which he was charged was passed.
January The Ministry of Defence announced that homosexuals were no longer to be considered a blackmail risk. But they still do not want gays or lesbians in the armed forces.

Outrage upped its demand for a gay age of consent from 14 to 16.

London Friend reported that it might have to close down in the new financial year because of a funding crisis which was eventually resolved.

And Cambridge University published a study that revealed lesbians make good mums.

February The government announced that it is commissioning a wide ranging review of sexual offences with gross indecency - an exclusiveIy gay male issue - being the first to go.

Channel 4 got its knuckles rapped for broadcasting a TV documentary on rent boys in Glasgow that had been stage-managed.

Some £8 million earmarked by the National Health Service for HIV treatment and care hadn't been spent on HIV services.

March Baroness Young was revealed in the Pink Paper as holding a computer list on everyone who had lobbied her over the age of consent.

And the Pink Paper reported Tory MP Edward Leigh to the House of Commons Committee on Privileges and Standards for not declaring on the Register of MPs Interests that the deputy director of the Christian Institute was working in his parliamentary office.

April Baroness Young eventually managed to kill off Ann Keen's amendment to the Crime and Disorder Bill that would have equalised the gay age of consent. The government vowed to reintroduce it in the next session of parliament and invoke the Parliament Act.

The Pink Paper ran the headline 'Gays in fascist bomb alert' on the very day a bomb exploded in the Admiral Duncan killing three people. A man is arrested and charged on three accounts of murder and making bombs. A fascist-inspired gay hate mail campaign starts.

May People taking anti-HIV drugs are warned not to use the impotence wonder drug Viagra. The drug becomes available in night clubs and over the internet.

A leading campaigner for lesbian rights fled from the South American country of Colombia for fear of her life. She had been detained and raped by members of the country's security forces.

June The Pink Paper reports that the Welsh Office is planning to reform the law around medical records and make it easier for the police to obtain details of people'smedical history. The BritishMedical Association opposed the move.

The Special Branch investigated a Euro-election leaflet put out by an independent candidate, the Revd Dave Braid, in the North-West of England.

Angela Mason of Stonewall is honoured with an OBE in the Queen's Birthday Honours list.

Kofi Annan gives the first Diana, Princess of Wales Memorial Lecture on AIDS at the Bank of England, and organised by the National AIDS Trust. Over 34 million people in the world are living with HIV and AIDS.

July The first ever London Mardi Gras took place in Finsbury Park.

The Admiral Duncan pub in Soho, scene of the April pub bombing, reopened its doors to coincide with the event.

An insurance company offered £50,000 in legal cover to lesbians and gay men for a mere £19.99 annual premium.

Getting It Right is the first conference for ten years specifically for people living with HIV and AIDS. Health Minister Tessa Jowell listens to their needs.

August A row exploded after the Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority stated it wouldn't pay compensation to the Surviving partner of a gay man killed in the Admiral Duncan pub blast. But a leading lawyer told the Pink Paper that he would be entitled to the money.

The CIA warned the World Bank that the spread of HIV in Africa could undermine the entire economies of several African states.

And a gay couple in Scotland had to get a note from the local police chief stating they were not convicted paedophiles when rumours began circulating about them.

September Shock Jock James Whale pulled the plug on a link-up between Talk Radio and an American radio network when a guest in the New York studio lashed out against homosexuality when claiming to have been cured of being gay.

The European Court of Human Rights decrees that the UK's ban on gays and lesbians in the military is illegal. The Government announces an immediate freeze on Court Martials.

Former Tory MP Michael Portillo announces that he had casual gay experiences when he was a student but is now happily married. His former boyfriend says that the relationship of eight years was hardly casual. Portillo goes on to win the Kensington and Chelsea Bye-Election.

And the Law Society called for the legal recognition of the relationships of same-sex couples.

October Clone Zone scores a legal victory when it challenges the seizure of erotic material by Her Majesty's Customs and Excise in the magistrates' court.

Summer Rites and Manchester Mardi Gras report problems donating money to a number of nominated charities as the events failed to make money. Brighton Pride sees new organisers appointed.

DameElizabeth Butler-Sloss, the highest ranking family law judge in the land, gives the thumbs-up to gay parents.

November Outrage attempted a citizen's arrest on President Mugabe of Zimbabwe while on a private shopping trip in London. But were themselves arrested for obstruction.

Two gay men from Essex are the fathers of twins born to their surrogate mother in the USA.

The new parliamentary session kicked-off with a government pledge to repeal Section 28 and equalise the gay age of consent. Opposition leader WilliamHague confirms the Tories will fight to keep Section 28.

December The Pink Paper launched the Real Families Campaign to raise funds for the Children's Society after a number of evangelical congregations withdrew their funding after the society lifted its ban on gay and lesbian fosterers.

Gay man Andrew Boff is selected as a Tory candidate for London Mayor.

Baroness Young once again threatened to sabotage the government's repeal of Section 28 due for debate in January. The Pink Paper and Stonewall launch a major campaign to lobby politicians.

2000 - on

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