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Think you're still HIV negative?

HPA's HIV in the UK report finds:

- New diagnoses among men who have sex with men (MSM) reached an all-time high in 2011 (3,010)

- nearly one in 12 MSM in London and one in 20 in the UK now has HIV (47 per 1,000)

- Nearly half of all new diagnoses were acquired heterosexually (2,990; 48 per cent)

- Overall HIV prevalence in the UK was 1.5 per 1,000 population

Download Report 29 Nov 12



GMFA to tackle social isolation amongst LGB&T communities in London - 68% of us "sometimes feel lonely"
Take survey | GMFA 23 May 12

GP service for LGBT

GP services - LGF launch first national survey to sustain and improve GP services for LGB people | Take Survey 23 May 12

Sexual difficulties to be studied so that a new scale can be developed to help gay men - win Euro 175 book voucher
Take part in survey 22 May 12


NHS is failing gay and bisexual men,

Stonewall survey reveals. With 6,861 respondents from across Britain, this is the largest survey ever conducted of gay and bisexual men's health needs in the world.

Highlights include:

- lack of trust may discourage men from accessing crucial health advice and testing

- 6% gay and bisexual men aged 16 to 24 have attempted to take their own life in the last year

- One in four gay and bisexual men have never been tested for any sexually transmitted infection

- One in five gay and bisexual men have had problems with their weight | 24 Apr 12


Relaunched by Terrence Higgins Trust for people with HIV in greatest need | Donate 20 Feb 12

To make an application, please call 020 7812 1682, or email


5 simple actions you can sign up to which will prevent the further transmission of HIV - one of GMFA's helpful online booklets 1 Dec 11


Red Ribbon 30 years of HIV AIDS

Thirty years after the HIV virus was first documented, the red ribbon is the ubiquitous symbol of support for those living with the illness. Who thought of it and how did it get so big? 3 Jun 11

Rupert Whittaker partner of Terrence Higgins

Rupert Whitaker was the partner of Terrence Higgins, one of the first Britons to die of Aids. Thirty years later, Britain heads for 100,000 cases 5 Jun 11


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Gay Health Directory

Links to health services for gay and lesbian people around the UK, including local clinics, HIV and STI testing, mental health and wellbeing services, therapists and counsellors, gay and gay-friendly doctors and dentists and other medical services.

NHS: Gay Health | Lesbian Health | Coming Out |



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Selected Record

Aintree Hospitals Liverpool

Aintree Hospital, Liverpool, L9 7AL
Tel: 0151 529 3490. Fax: 0151 529 3109

Clinics - Liverpool
Same day HIV testing, confidential counselling, hepatitis screening and vaccination.

Opening Times: Mon-Fri 09.00-17.00


Selected Record

Clapham Family Practice (NHS&Private)

51 Clapham High Street, London, SW4 7TL
Tel: 020 7627 9630. Fax: 020 7622 4466

Clinics - London
Comprehensive primary care services to all sections of the community. We particularly welcome gay men, gay women and their families. Our team consists of five doctors, three nurses, counsellors, physiotherapist and an ostheopath. Our doctors specialise in minor surgery, sport injurys, mental health, childrens health and development as well as healthy lifestyle advice to men and women.


Selected Record

Rainbow Clinic

The Caldecot Centre, 15-22 Caldecot Road, Camberwell, London, SE5 9RS
Tel: 020 7346 3759. Fax: 020 7620 0903

Clinics - London
A space for gay/bisexual men to discuss their health. Services include: - full sexual health screening - Hepatitis B screening and vaccination - couple and relationship counselling - pyschosexual counselling and treatment - HIV testing with pre and post counselling - referrals to sympathetic services - free condoms and lube. Appointments 020 7346 3448, Health Advisor 020 7346 3759.

Opening Times: Wed 17.00-20.00


Selected Record

Sensus Health & Wellness - Chiropractic Centre

In Tuition House, 210 Borough High Street, Borough, London, SE1 1JX, and Fulham SW6
Tel: 020 7234 0664

Clinics - London
Chiropractic Wellness Clinic located in London, Fulham-SW6 and London Bridge-SE1, the leading chiropractors and the other therapists at Sensus Health & Wellness are dedicated to helping you achieve your wellness objectives

Opening Times: 6 days per week


  • 56 Dean Street, Soho, National - Clinics
  • AAA, - Clinics
  • Ambrose King Centre GUM Clinic, Whitechapel, London - East - Clinics
  • Andover GUM Clinic, Andover, South East - Clinics
  • Archway Sexual Health Clinics, Highgate Hill, London - North - Clinics
  • Ashford GUM Clinic, Ashford, South East - Clinics
  • Ashton-U-lyne GUM Clinic, Ashton - U - Lyne, North West - Clinics
  • Audre Lorde Clinic, Whitechapel, London - East - Clinics
  • Aylesbury GUM Clinic, Aylesbury, South East - Clinics
  • Aylesford GUM Clinic, Maidstone, South East - Clinics
  • Banbury GUM Clinic, Banbury, South East - Clinics
  • Barnstaple GU M Clinic, Barnstaple, South West - Clinics
  • Bart's Sexual Health Centre, West Smithfield, London - East - Clinics
  • Basingstoke GUM Clinic, Basingstoke, South East - Clinics
  • Bath GUM Clinic, Bath, South West - Clinics
  • Beckenham Hospital, Beckenham, South East - Clinics
  • Bernhard Clinic, Fulham Palace Road, London - West - Clinics
  • Bognor Regis GUM Clinic, Bognor Regis, South East - Clinics
  • Bordon GUM Clinic, Bordon, South East - Clinics
  • Bradford GUM Clinic, St Luke's Hospital, Bradford, Yorkshire & Humberside - Clinics
  • Brighton GU HIV Clinic, Royal Sussex County Hospital, Eastern Road, Brighton, South East - Clinics
  • Bristol GUM Clinic, Bristol, South West - Clinics
  • Bury GUM Clinic, Bury, North West - Clinics
  • Camberley GUM Clinic, Camberley , South East - Clinics
  • Camberley GUM Clinic, Camberley, South East - Clinics
  • Canterbury GUM Clinic, Canterbury, South East - Clinics
  • Centre for Women's Health, the, Glasgow, Scotland - Clinics
  • Choices N4, Hackney, London - North - Clinics
  • Claude Nichol Centre, Brighton, South East - Clinics
  • Clinic Express, Bristol, National - Clinics
  • Clwyd GUM Clinic, Rhyl, Wales - Clinics
  • CODE clinic, Soho, National - Clinics
  • Cosmetic Breast Surgery For Men, Leeds, National - Clinics
  • Crumpsall GUM Clinic, Crumpsall, North West - Clinics
  • Diane Nivern Clinic, The , Whitefield, North West - Clinics
  • Ealing Hospital - Pasteur Suite, Southall, London - West - Clinics
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    Dates announced for National HIV Testing Week 2014
    Dates announced for National HIV Testing Week 2014

    Terrence Higgins Trust
    and HIV Prevention England (HPE) are calling on organisations across England to start planning activities to mark the third annual National HIV Testing Week
    - 22-30 Nov 11 Sep 14

    HIV vaccine study halted by US government over unsuccessful shots 26 Apr 13

    It Starts with me - we can end HIV

    Gay men in England can halt HIV within a generation - says largest-scale prevention campaign targeting our community - It Starts With Me will run until Spring 2015 24 Apr 13

    Birmingham named 'STD Capital Of The UK' by online clinic HealthExpress 23 Apr 13

    Meningitis outbreak accelerates in NYC gay and bi communities 20 Apr 13

    Clinic M to offer enhanced sexual health services for gay and bisexual men in Brighton - for those into the harder sex scene or who use recreational drugs during sex
    Clinic M: Wednesdays 5-8pm at the Claude Nicol Centre, Abbey Road entrance. Call 01273 664 72
    1 16 Apr 13

    NAM leaflets on The Basics, Hepatitis C

    Hepatitis C - NAM has launched four new titles in their basics series. These provide key information on Hepatitis C treatments and how it is passed on 16 Apr 13

    Pupils must learn about sexually transmitted infections such as HIV/Aids, as well as the importance of stable relationships and marriage, says UK's Department for Education 13 Apr 13


    GMFA - Facing funding cuts affecting its website and FS magazine, GMFA appeals for ideas to engage the gay community in HIV prevention
    facebook 12 Apr 13

    Around 160,000 men in the UK have been left with little or no sex life after treatment for prostate cancer 16 Mar 13

    Sexual Health Framework

    What about gay men? The government's long-awaited Framework for Sexual Health fails to mention the 25% of people diagnosed with HIV every year who are non-African heterosexuals, warns NAT |

    We seriously need to bring sex and relationships education into the 21st century, says THT

    Download framework
    15 Mar 13

    Spread of HIV in the UK - THT

    HIV - a strategy for success - NAT

    Early HIV drugs 'functionally cure about one in 10' - analysing 14 people who stopped therapy, but have since shown no signs of the virus resurging | | 15 Mar 13

    Bee stings 'could prevent HIV' - chemical in venom can destroy the virus while leaving surrounding cells unharmed 8 Mar 13

    HIV and the criminal law - Keeping Confidence study shows need for better guidance for people living with HIV 6 Mar 13

    HIV may boost a man's risk of heart attack, a study of more than 82,000 veterans suggests 6 Mar 13

    Was An Infant Cured Of HIV? Mississippi baby born with the AIDS virus appears to have been cured after being treated with an aggressive regimen of drugs just after her birth 4 Mar 13

    How to surive a plague to be a TV miniseries

    How to Survive a Plague - Oscar-nominated documentary on AIDS epidemic is to become ABC miniseries - will delve into more of the personal stories of the characters in the film 1 Mar 13

    Get set for HIV treatment

    Get set for HIV treatment - NAM launches new interactive tool designed to help people with HIV think through how they feel about starting treatment 28 Feb 13

    Jayce Carberry

    Jayce Carberry - HIV positive jobseeker 'humiliated' by Kent job centre staff - made him declare his condition within earshot of others, and told him he had to see a disability adviser 20 Feb 13

    How to Survive a Plague: director says Ed Koch's failure in AIDS should be .. the defining cornerstone of this public life 20 Feb 13

    Increase in unsafe sex and a lack of testing causes 26% rise in numbers of gay men contracting HIV, UK study finds 16 Feb 13

    Current prevention tools are not succeeding in stopping the spread of HIV, warns NAT 16 Feb 13

    Consistent condom use has stopped over 80,000 new HIV infections among gay men, says THT 16 Feb 13

    GMFA want to know what messages will be most effective at motivating gay men to take an HIV test
    Take survey
    16 Feb 13

    THT Trans wellbeing service

    Online health and wellbeing - advice service for transgender community launched by Terrence Higgins Trust
    Transwomen | Transmen 12 Feb 13

    London councils take steps to improve help for HIV in the capital - the HIV prevention activity they are inheriting is not meeting the needs of Londoners 12 Feb 13

    Mental stress contrbutes to HIV in gay men, finds Steinhardt University study | 9 Feb 13

    LGBT Health will be first published LGBT-specific medical journal 8 Feb 13

    Cool gene

    Online protests - lead to Gaydar and Grindr removing 'cool gene' HIV immunity advert. GMFA offers sound advice | Advice 5 Feb 13

    FS magazine

    Tech Sex - Technology has certainly changed how gay men communicate. In this issue we look at just how smartphone apps and social media has changed how gay men hook up
    gmfa 5 Feb 13

    The roots of gay shame - Terrence Higgins Trust needs to get real about high rates of HIV, drug and alcohol abuse - comment 2 Feb 13


    Koch 10000 AIDS deaths

    NYC Mayor Ed Koch dies aged 88 - Koch was especially despised by AIDS activists who accused him of slowing the reaction to the epidemic out of fear of being outed himself
    joemygod 2 Feb 13


    GAYtoZ Red Ribbon

    HIV in gay men 'refuses to fall' - Huge improvements in treating and testing for HIV have failed to curb infections finds HPA report | HPA Report 1 Feb 13

    HIV incidence in men who have sex with men in England and Wales 2001-10: a nationwide population study
    The Lancet
    1 Feb 13

    The HPA report makes for depressing reading - despite a decade of prevention work , says NAT 1 Feb 13

    "These findings highlight the real challenges faced by HIV prevention work," says THT's ceo Sir Nick Partridge 1 Feb 13

    Birmingham LGBT Centre opens on Hollway Circus 1 Feb 13

    Houses of Parliament sees heated debate on therapy attempting to "cure" people of same-sex attraction 31 Jan 13


    Test for HIV by pos - Pilot scheme for UK gay men launched by Terrence Higgins Trust and Health Protection Agency. It's free and confidential. 30 Jan 13


    The origins of HIV can be traced back millions rather than tens of thousands of years, research suggests 28 Jan 13

    National AIDS Trust calls on the NHS to allow people with HIV to start treatment early in order to protect their sexual partners 23 Jan 13

    Almost half of gay men bareback: New York study 22 Jan 13

    Cervical cancer vaccine for girls must be given to gay men due to increase in anal cancer, says BMA 17 Jan 13

    Queensland researcher develops gene therapy which could stop HIV from turning deadly 17 Jan 13

    46% of the general public wrongly think you can get HIV from being spat at finds NAT survey 14 Jan 13

    Gay men having unprotected sex at unprecedented levels, HIV prevention money gone to waste, says Queensland health minister 14 Jan 13

    Vaccine against HPV should be extended to young gay men, the BMA has told the Department of Health 12 Jan 13

    Use of crystal methamphetamine is on the rise in London's gay scene, putting men who have sex with men at higher risk of infections 11 Jan 13

    Low uptake of behavioural interventions by gay men reported at English sexual health clinics 11 Jan 13

    Does sex education exclude young gay people? How can teachers deliver inclusive sex and relationships education addressing LGBT pupils' needs? 11 Jan 13

    Volunteers to support older gay men with HIV in London called for by Terrence Higgins Trust, contact: 10 Jan 13




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