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Iran, Russia, Vatican threaten to derail U.N. women's rights appeal - objecting to language gay rights 14 Mar 13

European Parliament wants to outlaw homophobic crime and speech in the EU 14 Mar 13

President Obama calls for LGBT equality in State of the Union speech 13 Feb 13

European Parliament's annual report on human rights focuses on sexual orientation and gender identity 13 Dec 12

Ban Ki-Moon - UN Secretary-General condemns oppression of LGBT people at Human Rights Day Forum 12 Dec 12

Malta's Tonio Borg appointed EU Health Commissioner - has conservative views on gay rights | 29 Nov 12

Russia: human rights groups hail historic decision on homosexual propaganda ban - that expressing opinions and information about same-sex sexual orientation cannot be limited in the name of public morality 27 Nov 12




Keep The Buggery Law Jamaica's Love March Movement makes homophobic 'Harlem Shake' video 11 Mar 13

Affirmative Caribbean reports 25 violent LGBT deaths in 2012, compared to 21 in 2011 3 Mar 13

Gay men in drag hurl stones at Jamaican supermarket after staff foile an attempt to steal groceries 21 Feb 13

Javed Jaghai

Javed Jaghai - Jamaican student mounts court challenge against buggery law 14 Feb 13

We Are Jamaicans: Watch a video campaign against homophobia by Jamaicans for Jamaicans
blabbeando | 19 Jan 13

Human rights in Jamaica - Inter‐American Commission on Human Rights report is scathing of LGBT treatment
Download Report
6 Jan 13

What Jamaica's 'sexual minorities' need and deserve is not justice but mercy. What's the difference? 6 Jan 13

Treat gay people as human, says Bahamas Bishop - demonisation of homosexuals a hindrance to positive dialogue 31 Dec 12

Jamaican Observer homophobic cartoon

Jamaica Observer publishes homophobic cartoon 29 Dec 12

Come Rhyme With Me - join Dean Atta, gay poet at Cottons Caribbean Restaurant, 70 Exmouth Market, London EC1R 4QP - 7pm, Fri 28 Dec
twentysomethinglondon 27 Dec 12


Sizzla - says 'Thanks, But No Thanks' and rejects J-FLAG offer to support Jamaican entertainers who tone down their anti-gay rhetoric 23 Dec 12

Is Jamaica ready for the 'Coming Out' party? - Jamaica has seemingly fallen into line 15 Dec 12

Popularity of Caribbean island of Saba soars after gay wedding 15 Dec 12

Dr Fenton Ferguson, Jamaica's Health Minister says Jamaica should change anti-gay laws 'for the greater good' whatever people's personal opinions

'Don't Bow To Them' - British Lawyer says Jamaica should not follow the US and UK by removing anti-buggery laws 26 Nov 12

Two guards fired for beating an alleged gay student at Jamaica's University of Technology 3 Nov 12

Student beaten - Angry mob accuses him of being gay, held in a bathroom in a compromising position 2 Nov 12  

Maurice Tomlinson JFLAG tv commercial Jamaica

TV stations taken to court - for refusing to show advertisement promoting tolerance for homosexuals in Jamaica | 29 Oct 12

Gareth Henry and Aron Charles-Henry

Gareth Henry and
Aron Charles-Henry -
'I saw my friends killed - There's no safe place in this country'. Ex-leader of Jamaican gay and lesbian group J-Flag explains why police death threats forced him to seek asylum in Canada 27 Oct 12

Gay Jamaicans launch legal action over island's colonial-era 'buggery' laws


EU Discrimination

EuroBarometer 2012
Latest EU survey on discrimination includes sexual orientation and gender identity:

- 46% think LGB people face discrimination, while
- 46% think they rarely or never do
- 45% think transgender people face discrimination, and
- 42% disagree

Vice-President of the LGBT Intergroup, reacted: "I'm happy to see that citizens feel increasingly comfortable with LGBT persons overall." | Download Report 27 Nov 12


LGBTIQ Greens express anger at the death of Jackie Nanyonjo following her deportation to Uganda by UK Border Agency 14 Mar 13

Canada is quietly financing a concerted grassroots effort to aid gay Ugandans' fight against 'abhorrent' anti-gay bill 8 Mar 13

Uganda details second British citizen - Keith Prosser appeared in play containing gay character 27 Feb 13

Deportation 'crazy' says Uganda gay play producer David Cecil - video 14 Feb 13

David Cecil

David Cecil - Uganda 'deports' British producer of gay play 12 Feb 13

What makes Uganda's anti-gay pastor tick? 10 Feb 13

Uganda moves to deport British theatre producer David Cecil - case brought over play about gay employer 8 Feb 13

LGBT Group condemns Obama's prayer breakfast with evanelists who 'support killing gay people' 8 Feb 13

'Kill The Gays' Bill back on agenda for Uganda Parliament 6 Feb 13

In Uganda, gay people are being forced into exile - many people are choosing to leave and seek asylum elsewhere 4 Feb 13

Ugandan gay rights group SMUG sues U.S. pastor - case rests on freedom of speech and circumstantial evidence 27 Jan 13

God Loves Uganda - film explores the role of the American evangelical movement in Uganda 27 Jan 13

Concierge travel agency funds scholarship for LGBT student in Uganda 25 Jan 13

Anti-Gay Bill hurting Uganda's economy, warns Government Official 11 Jan 13

Ugandan leader pulls back on 'Kill the Gays' bill? 9 Jan 13

University of Buckingham cuts ties with Ugandan university, concernd about the proposed anti-gay Bill 9 Jan 13

Petition calls on Facebook to ban page outing gay Ugandans | Sign Petition 8 Jan 13

Scott Lively

Scott Lively - Anti-gay evangelist on trial in Uganda - faces charges of crimes against humanity 4 Jan 13

Second gay youth worker arrested in Uganda 3 Jan 13

Calls to pass the anti-gay Bill dominate Uganda's New Year messages from preachers 2 Jan 13

Uganda 'drops gay play charges' against producer David Cecil 2 Jan 13

Ugandan LGBTI Youth Group founder arrested for homosexuality 1 Jan 13

The offices of Sexual Minorities of Uganda advocacy group have been broken into and property stolen 29 Dec 12

Seventh-day Adventist in Africa says he's against proposed Ugandan legislation regarding gays, lesbians 23 Dec 12

'Kill The Gays' law could not be a "Christmas gift" because it lacks the compassion and love of Jesus Christ for sinners 23 Dec 12

The more the Red Pepper publishes his pornographic pictures, the more it brings gay sex out of the closet 23 Dec 12

Ssempa banana

Martin Ssempa - who in Uganda is synonymous with the fight against homosexuality, demonstrates gay sex using a banana | 20 Dec 12

Uganda's parliament has closed for the end of year recess, without passing the "Kill the Gays" bill - despite the threats of the Parliamentary Speaker Rebecca Kadaga to pass it before Christmas 15 Dec 12

Pope Benedict blesses Uganda's top lawmaker pushing 'Kill The Gays' Bill
thenewcivilrightsmovement 15 Dec 12

Uganda Prime Minister seemingly distances government from 'Kill The Gays' Bill - we have had homosexuality for generations | 14 Dec 12

AllOut petition misrepresents purpose and exploits Ugandan Kill The Gays - zero proof of a connection between the ALLOUT Petition and the fact that the Uganda Bill did not pass

Protest at London's Uganda Embassy
Protest at Uganda's embassy
in London against Anti-Homosexuality "Kill-the-gays" Bill 10 Dec 12

Donor aid cuts are the best thing to happen to Uganda - corruption means it rarely reaches the intended recipients, says Ugandan newspaper editor 8 Dec 12

Protest against Uganda's anti-gay law outside the High Commission of Uganda in Trafalgar Square - noon, Mon 10 Dec
aidsconsortium | Sign Petition 7 Dec 12

Uganda tabloid prints photos of football boss 'sodomising' a boy 7 Dec 12

Tutu urges Uganda to drop bid to jail gays and lesbians 6 Dec 12

Uganda's anti-gay bill a Christmas alarm for Christians 5 Dec 12

Die now: gay Ugandans protest in Paris 5 Dec 12

Call Me Kuchu

Call Me Kuchu - Tragic biopic of Ugandan gay activist David Kato, screened at LSE
Watch Trailer
5 Dec 12

Who's helping finance Uganda's 'Kill the Gays' bill? You are! 4 Dec 12

Facebook might soon block Uganda from its network following the country's stance on homosexuals 4 Dec 12

'Kill the Gays Bill' on agenda as Uganda Parliament returns 4 Dec 12

Barclays And Citibank make statements but don't condemn Uganda anti-gay bill 3 Dec 12

Uganda's anti-gay bill won't contain death penalty - author said Friday 30 Nov 12

455,579 call on Citibank and Barclays to condemn Uganda's 'Kill the Gays' Bill
Sign Petition 29 Nov 12




More reform is needed urgently. Nearly 80% of the 54 Commonwealth countries still criminalise homosexuality 24 Apr 13

Zambia's anti-gay obsession is worsening its HIV epidemic 21 Apr 13

Ricardo Amunjera and Marc Themba

Ricardo Amunjera and
Marc Themba -
Mr Gay Namibia marries partner from Botswana. Because homosexuality is illegal in their home countries they must live only as "friends"
16 Apr 13

Dr Purna Sen

Dr Purna Sen - Former Commonwealth human rights head to Chair the Kaleidoscope Trust 15 Apr 13


Cameroon must stop turning blind eye to death threats to Lawyers in 'Homosexuality' cases 14 Feb 13

Turkey continues to allow and encourage discrimination, finds European Committee on Social Rights 12 Feb 13

Plaintiffs in Madonna concert case to pay $2,240 in court fees, as Russian Court dismisses all nine lawsuits 8 Feb 13

French air strikes save Ali Altini and Mohammed Aklini due to be executed for homosexuality in Mali 4 Feb 13

Inclusive scouting

Boy Scouts of America - is asking for your input on whether it should end its decades-old ban on gay Scouts and Scout leaders 1 Feb 13

Attitudes on homosexuality are changing, says Cameroon President Paul Biya 31 Jan 13

Zimbabwe's draft Constitution to be presented to Parliament next week prohibits same-sex marriages 30 Jan 13

Kathleen Wynne

Kathleen Wynne - to become Ontario's first female and openly gay premier 27 Jan 13

Polish parliament rejects efforts to legalize gay unions 26 Jan 13

ILGA-Europe extremely concerned by approval of Russian draft law to ban "homosexual propaganda" 26 Jan 13

Barack Obama's 2013 Inauguration:

Barack Obama

Obama emphasized three prongs of civil rights, with references to both Selma and Stonewall - landmark events for black and gay Americans 22 Jan 13
Text of address: 22 Jan 13
We've come a long way:
digbysblog 23 Jan 13

Russia moves to enact anti-gay law nationwide 22 Jan 13

Gay men lynched in Nigeria

Gay men paraded in Nigeria - four men in a remote part of Nigeria have been assaulted and publicly humiliated after allegedly being caught in the act of gay sex 19 Jan 13

Bloemfontein arts academy claims 'cure' for homosexuality through "rehabilitation" 14 Jan 13

Gang allegedly targeting homosexual men in Joburg may have started operating in Cape Town, fears rights group 11 Jan 13

Nigerian Anglican Church threatens to breakaway from the Church of England over gay bishops 10 Jan 13

Serigne Tacko Mbengue

Serigne Tacko Mbengue - A member of the NUS Black Students' Campaign Committee is to be brought before a hearing on his asylum in the UK, and has been asked to "prove" his sexuality 9 Jan 13

Gay man stoned to death, after being caught making love in Cameroon market 9 Jan 13

Cameroon appeals court overturns conviction of two men jailed in 2011 for homosexual acts 8 Jan 13

Kenya's Education Minister seeks school book ban - The Whale Rider may contain same-sex nuances 7 Jan 13

Kenya Police launch investigations into notorious gay blackmailing gang 7 Jan 13


Zanele Muholi

Zanele Muholi - Photographs document the daily lives - and deaths - of black homosexuals from South Africa's gay community 28 Dec 12

Kenya's first gay political candidate reveals why he quit race 26 Dec 12

Trinidad's Prime Minister promises rights for gays in gender policy 20 Dec 12

European Parliament calls on Russia and Ukraine to shelve censorship laws 13 Dec 12

Intersex Conference calls on ILGA to support the creation of an Intersex Secretariat, and asks the UN to include human rights for intersex people | 13 Dec 12


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