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Catholic Youth Commission

Logo of the Catholic Church's Archdioceasan Youth Commission

This is an actual logo designed in 1973 for the Catholic Church's Archdioceasan Youth Commission. It even won an award from the Art Directors Club of Los Angeles.






LGCM Lottery win

Lesbian and Gay Christian Movement wins £54,900 - from the Heritage Lottery Fund for LGBT Christian Oral History project 21 Apr 13

Meet the West's only openly gay Imam 19 Apr 13

Archbishop Welby also meets six members of the LGBT Anglican Coalition 19 Apr 13

Peter Tatchell

Archbishop Welby struggles to support gay equality - Peter Tatchell reflects on his meeting with head of Church of England 19 Apr 13

Senior Church of England bishop calls for gay union blessing services 17 Mar 13

The archbishop of Canterbury must follow up on praise for gay relationships - Some gay relationships are an example to others 15 Mar 13

Church of Scotland to discuss future of kirk abandoned in gay row 15 Mar 13

Is there hope for Pope Francis I on gay rights? 15 Mar 13

Jason Klein becomes first openly gay man chosen to run an American rabbinic association 15 Mar 13

Pope Francis I on gay marriage: "Let's not be naive: this isn't a simple political fight, it's an attempt to destroy God's plan." 14 Mar 13

LGBT Catholics welcome new Pope - "men and women who have deep-seated homosexual tendencies must be accepted with respect and compassion" 14 Mar 13

My father, the hate preacher: Nate Phelps on escaping Westboro Baptist Church 14 Mar 13

Gay sympathy for Cardinal Keith O'Brien - Matthew Paris 7 Mar 13

Benjamin Cohen

Benjamin Cohen - In the BBC's Lent Talks, the journalist and broadcaster reflects on the fear of being abandoned by his own Jewish community, for being gay
BBC iPlayer 7 Mar 13

Cardinal Keith O'Brien

Cardinal Keith O'Brien - admits and apologises for sexual misconduct - UK Catholic leader who was forced to resign early by the pope admits in statement that his sexual conduct 'fell below standards' 4 Mar 13

Drunken parties at the seminary, crushes on young 'pups' and a gay mafia accused of bringing down Britain's top Catholic 2 Mar 13

O'Brien priest worries that church wants to 'crush' him - Key figure behind allegations of inappropriate behaviour attacks Catholic church's response to complaints

68% British believe the Pope was right to resign, 71% said Pope Benedict had not been influential: YouGov poll 28 Feb 13

Benedict's handsome male companion will continue to live with him 28 Feb 13

Islam and Homosexuality - what does the Koran say about homosexuality, Radio 4's 'Beyond Belief' debate
bbc iPlayer 26 Feb 13

Cardinal Keith OBrien

Cardinal Keith O'Brien - announces resignation amid claims of 'inappropriate behaviour' 25 Feb 13

Cardinal Peter Kodwo Appiah Turkson

Peter Kodwo Appiah Turkson - Ghanaian Cardinal tipped to be first black pope - blames homosexual priests for the abuse crises facing the Catholic church 20 Feb 13

"Homosexuals should be executed" says UK university speaker - Student Rights has obtained covert footage of an event at Manchester University showing two Islamist speakers (one chairing the event) advocating the execution of homosexuals and the cutting off of the hands of thieves | 19 Feb 13

UK Muslim MPs scared after voting for gay marriage bill 17 Feb 13

Last soho mass for gay catholics

Final Soho Mass - held for gay Catholics. Archbishop of Westminster asked organisers to instead concentrate on providing pastoral care 17 Feb 13

Change of Pope must bring change of policies, says Peter Tatchell 12 Feb 13

Sisters of Perpetual indulgence

Sisters Of Perpetual Indulgence - respond to Pope's resignation - as one of the architects for Yes on 8, shows just how out of touch the Vatican is to its laity 12 Feb 13

Pope in Ruby Slippers

The Pope - wearing a fabulous, vintage chiffon-lined Dior gold lamé gown over a silk Vera Wang empire waist tulle cocktail dress, accessorized with a 3-foot beaded peaked House of Whoville hat, and the ruby slippers Judy Garland wore in the Wizard of Oz, has resigned 11 Feb 13

Westboro Baptist church key member leaves - 'We've done things that hurt people' says Megan Phelps-Roper 7 Feb 13

Anti-Gay Homophobic Pastors and Politicians who turn out to be gay 2 Feb 13

Former Tower Hamlets councillor calls for tolerance between London's Muslim and LGBT communities 25 Jan 13

East London Mosque condemns homophobia, yet advertised four anti-gay speakers last month alone 25 Jan 13


Rev. Tom Donovan - who called 911 after he became trapped in a pair of handcuffs, is "suffering from a psychological condition that manifests itself in self-bondage as a response to stress" 23 Jan 13

UK Gay Muslim: "Sharia Law in this country would take away all my civil liberties" 21 Jan 13

Lesbian and Gay Christian Movement relieved and pleased by the decision of the European Court of Human Rights

Nigerian Anglican Church threatens to breakaway from the Church of England over gay bishops 10 Jan 13

Scott Lively Noah

Scott Lively - American Family Association Pastor says "Wedding songs to homosexual marriage" caused Noah's flood 10 Jan 13

Cornerstone Cafe St Beots Cambridge

Cornerstone Café, St Neots - Christian businessman has categorically denied internet claims that he is homophobic after protesters planned a rally outside his café 9 Jan 13


Pope blessing Gay Marriage - in billboard ad 'unlikely' to cause widespread offence, says New Zealand Advertising Standards Authority 9 Jan 13


Dutch priest to display photos of Church quitters, in a bid to get them to stay 8 Jan 13

Britain's first atheist Church The Sunday Assembly meets in North London | 7 Jan 13

Primate of Kenya condemns the Church of England for "compromising with the secular preoccupations of the West" 7 Jan 13

Is this a long-lost Monty Python sketch? The Church of England says gay clergy in civil partnerships can become bishops but only if they are celibate 6 Jan 13

'The church is not obsessed with sex' - Archdeacon Russell: the issue is the nature of civil partnerships 6 Jan 13

Italy's central bank blocks Vatican credit card payments - after failing money laundering test 6 Jan 13

Church of England drops gay bishop opposition - if they promise to be celibate 5 Jan 13

It will be condemned by African bishops. But it will also make more coherent the church's official opposition to gay marriage 5 Jan 13

Go-ahead for bishops in civil partnerships welcome first step, say LGBT Christians 5 Jan 13

Appoint Jeffrey John as Bishop, urges Peter Tatchell 5 Jan 13

Gay bishop announcement 'laughable', says gay priest - Jesus advocated all loving relationships 5 Jan 13

First gay Anglican Bishop Gene Robinson reflects on tenure in New Hampshire 5 Jan 13

UK students given discounts for retreat with extremist Muslim preacher who believes homosexuality is a "criminal act" and a "scourge" 5 Jan 13

Anti-gay Illinois pastor called 911 from the rectory needing help getting out of handcuffs 5 Jan 13

Soho Masses is pleased to accept Archbishop Vincent Nichols' invitation to transfer their base to Farm Street 3 Jan 13

Archbishop of Westminster cancels special mass for gay people - London church ordered to stop providing so-called 'Soho Masses' 2 Jan 13

Treat gay people as human, says Bahamas Bishop - demonisation of homosexuals a hindrance to positive dialogue 31 Dec 12

Gay-centered church founded in 1960s, Metropolitan Community Church debates role given recent progress for gay rights 29 Dec 12

Pastor develops strange, ambiguous 'Horse Therapy' to cure homosexuality, which is 'an addiction' 29 Dec 12

UK Heritage Lottery Fund grant will allow the gay Jewish community to research and archive its colourful roots 28 Dec 12

'Romanian Orthodox Priests' produce steamy Gay 2013 Calendar |

Westboro Baptist Church web security provider to donate proceeds to charity 23 Dec 12

6 Terrible Things gays blamed for causing in 2012 23 Dec 12

Being raised Catholic worse than child abuse, suggests Richard Dawkins 23 Dec 12

Fox pundit Mike Huckabee ascribes school shootings to "abortion pills," iPhones and homosexuals 18 Dec 12

Rabbi issues a ruling which prohibits taking private lessons with gay teachers 18 Dec 12

Obama asked to legally recognize Westboro Baptist Church as a hate group
Sign Petition 17 Dec 12

Time for jesus to come Out

Was Jesus gay? - The St Matthew in the City billboard, in Auckland, this year depicts the baby Jesus in his crib surrounded by a halo of rainbow colours 17 Dec 12


Gay nativity scene

Andrés Vásquez and
Felipe Cárdenas -
Gay Columbians have been heavily criticised for their all-male manger - a nativity scene with two Josephs and no Mary 15 Dec 12

Connecticut school shooting happened 'because schools don't allow prayer', says AFA's Brian Fischer 15 Dec 12


The Queen James Bible
New gay bible prevents homophobic misinterpretation of key verses 13 Dec 12

14 Million say they have 'no relgion' in UK Census - a 10% increase, c/w 13% decrease in Christians 11 Dec 12

Christianity not 'fading away' says Archbishop ahead of census figures 11 Dec 12

176,632 people define themselves as Jedi Knights

'Torn': Living as an openly gay Christian, interview with Gay Christian Network founder 10 Dec 12

Mormon church unveils website on same-sex attraction - urges gay Mormons to stick with the faith | 7 Dec 12

Gay-friendly mosque in Paris criticised as 'un-Islamic' 5 Dec 12

The Cross in the Closet

The Cross in the Closet- New book about one man's experiment in radical empathy holds lessons for the Church, says faith-based website 5 Dec 12

Outrage over book penned by Christian man pretending to be gay 5 Dec 12

Salvation Army denies being anti-gay 1 Dec 12

Gay men and their moms sue Jewish conversion therapy center that promised to turn them straight - and failed 28 Nov 12

Homosexuality is caused by sex with demons, warns Christian magazine 28 Nov 12

Why I want to open a gay-friendly mosque in Paris 26 Nov 12

Former Archbishop of Canterbury is homophobic, say King's students 23 Nov 12

Student group protests talk by extremist Muslim: "Take that homosexual man and throw him off the mountain" 23 Nov 12

Church of England rejection of women bishops: A decision that leaves the Church in the past - emboldened conservative evangelicals will now fight harder still against same-sex marriage and gay priests 21 Nov 12

Mosque for gays to open in France 21 Nov 12

Russell Brand pimp says Westboro Baptist Church

Russell Brand - came face to face with the 'God Hates Fags' Westboro Baptist Church on his chat show BrandX to discuss their extreme views 21 Nov 12

Catholic Bishops suddenly silent as LGBT Ugandans face possible death 17 Nov 12

Stonewall bus advert

Passengers left stranded on Rotherham to Sheffield bus after Christian driver refuses to board because of gay rights advert on the side 16 Nov 12

Blasphemy charges filed over gay Jesus play in Greece 16 Nov 12

Lennon Cihak

Lennon Cihak - Minnesota bishop says pro-gay marriage teen can be confirmed when he publicly repudiates position 16 Nov 12

Muslim gay bashing comes to Paris - It's either the Koran - or the gay bar 11 Nov 12

Right Reverend Justin Welby

We must have no truck with any form of homophobia, in any part of the church - says new Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby.

I know I need to listen attentively to the LGBT communities, and examine my own thinking. 9 Nov 12

New Archbishop must witness to God's love for all, urges Lesbian and Gay Christian Movement - only 37% of the Anglicans think that homosexual relationships were always (or almost always) wrong 9 Nov 12

Appointment welcomed by gay bishop Gene Robinson: shows the Church of England was "thinking outside the box, which is exactly what is needed"

Appointment "a retrograde step" for LGBTs, say Gay Humanists: he's spoken out firmly against gay marriage

It's hard to be Christian and to evangelize. It's considerably tougher to be gay and to "evangelize" 5 Nov 12

Tina Beattie

Tina Beattie - University of San Diego rescinded visiting fellow invitation to British liberal theologian who has argued case for same-sex marriage 4 Nov 12

Catholic Care - loses five year legal battle to reserve adoption services for heterosexual couples only 3 Nov 12

US Preacher says Hurricane Sandy is God's punishment for both candidates being "behind the homosexual agenda" 30 Oct 12

Parents rushed him to gay-cure centre after finding gay porn in his room. He was so upset he cut his wrists 25 Oct 12

Billy Graham ad in Wall Street Journal WSJ

Billy Graham - Bought a whole page in the Wall Street Journal to tell you what he thinks about gays and women 20 Oct 12


Dan Cathy Chick-Fil-A

Dan Cathy - Chick-fil-A president tells TV interviewer: "We support Biblical families, and they've always been a part of that." 4 Oct 12


Gay people aren't fully developed humans, Pope decides 28 Sep 12

Pray the Gay Away: The Extraordinary Lives of Bible Belt Gays - new book shows the results were terrifying 28 Sep 12

Michael Sinan Thomsen

Michael Sinan Thomsen - Mr Gay Denmark comes out - as a Queer Muslim: 'no one is gonna tell me that I have to choose between my religion or sexuality' 27 Sep 12

Homosexualitycan be treated by fasting and prayer, says author of the St. Petersburg bill banning gay propaganda 26 Sep 12

Church of England has come close to splitting over ordination of gay clergy - to choose new Archbishop of Canterbury 26 Sep 12

'Very sexually explicit' - Christian B&B owners tell of torrent of hateful messages, such as 'I am coming to burn your house down' 26 Sep 12

Anti-gay pastor Joel Osteen admits he did not choose to be straight 23 Sep 12

Peterson Toscano

Peterson Toscano - Ex-gay survivor's tales of exorcism in middle England - It took 17 years to accept it 22 Sep 12

New California law says funeral protesters must keep distance - response to Westboro 'God Hates Fags' Church 19 Sep 12

Cameron: church schools should not say homosexuality is a sin 17 Sep 12

Four Christians

Why are four Christians accusing their employers of discrimination?

- Lillian Ladele, marriage registrar refused to conduct civil partnerships

- Nadia Eweida and Shirley Chaplin refused to conceal their crosses

- Gary McFarlane objected to giving sex therapy guidance to same-sex couples 4 Sep 12

Israel's Conservative movement OKs gay and lesbian rabbis 4 Sep 12

Hate preachers arrested for harassing the gays at Southern Decadence in New Orleans 4 Sep 12

Cardinal Carlo Maria Martini, his final interview, called on Catholic Church to reconsider what constitutes a family 4 Sep 12

Bodyguard to protect Ghanaian priest from 'forces of evil' supporting gay marriage 4 Sep 12

Scientology's Homophobia: Even the Church's token gay guy was disgusted 3 Sep 12

New faith school on Cornwall will not teach gay 'nonsense' 30 Aug 12

Clemnti mother

Tyler Clementi's mother - After gay son's suicide, finds blame in herself and in her church 27 Aug 12

Rev Grant Storms

Rev. Grant Storms - Anti-gay pastor, critic of Southern Decadence, convicted of obscenity for public masturbation in New Orleans children's park 24 Aug 12

Preacher blames gays for shooting at South African mine - "homosexual agenda" leads to a "culture of death" 24 Aug 12

Rev. Gary Paterson

Rev Gary Paterson - is the first openly gay leader of the United Church of Canada 18 Aug 12

Vatican rejects Bulgarian envoy over inclusion of a raunchy gay sex scene in a novel written by him 8 Aug 12

'To be gay and Muslim is possible' 23 Jul 12

Practicing gays go to heaven, says Ex-Gay group head 19 Jul 12

Rowan Williams: Christians need to confront shame and disgust over homosexuality 27 Jun 12

Caiden Cowger

Caiden Cowger 14-year-old radio talk show host blast homosexuality as a choice people make 7 Jun 12

46% Americans believe in the creationist view that God created humans within the last 10,000 years 6 Jun 12

Minister removes Christian anti-gay therapy from Dutch health insurance 5 Jun 122

Vatican critical of US nun's book on sexual ethics 5 Jun 12

Nazi plot will gay marriage destroy the church? asks the latest edition of The Pink Humanist 4 Jun 12

Allah Liberty Love

Irshad Manji - New book on liberal Islam launched in Muslim-majority Malaysia despite Government attempts to shut down the event
AFP | Buy Book 20 May 12

Letter to be read from 2,500 pulpits during mass this Sunday, warning homosexual marriage would threaten the true meaning of a sacred union 6 Mar 12

Soho Mass celebrates fifth anniversary of LGBT welcoming fellowship - 1st & 3rd Sundays 6 Mar 12

'If we allow gay men to marry, why not siblings?' says Euro MP Roger Helmer 6 Mar 12

Gay activists could probably run rings round almost any Catholic - or Christian - lobby on gay marriage 6 Mar 12

Growing Pains' Kirk Cameron on homosexuality: "It's detrimental, and ultimately destructive" | 4 Mar 12

Jesus 'may have been hermaphrodite', says researcher 3 Mar 12

Archbishop of Canterbury to say laws against sexual minorities are equivalent to racism 29 Feb 12

British Humanist Association refutes findings of 'Clearing the Ground' report by Christian politicians 29 Feb 12

Priest walks out of woman's funeral because of her gay daughter 29 Feb 12

Godly quacks persisting in promoting harmful and discredited 'gay cure' therapies 28 Feb 12

Christians politicians claim rights laws fail to protect religion while privileging the rights of other groups 27 Feb 12

Gays have more rights than Christians, report finds 27 Feb 12

Link between 17 MPs and Christian charity that co-sponsored 'gay cure' event
Sign Petition 26 Feb 12

Why do men become Catholic priests? 25 Feb 12

'All Dead Mormons Are Gay' site turns deceased Mormons gay for all eternity
alldeadmormonsarenowgay 25 Feb 12

































































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