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Chocolate Media are developing a new television show about the aspirational and charismatic characters on the Manchester LGBT scene.

If you would like to find out more then get in touch now:

You must be aged over 18. Any information you provide will be used for the purpose of selecting people to appear in the show and will be processed in accordance with our Privacy Policy which may be viewed at

23 Jun 16


Second series of SAS: Who Dares Wins
Second series of SAS: Who Dares Wins

Following the success of the first series broadcast late last year, Minnow Films are producing the second series of SAS: Who Dares Wins, for Channel 4.

This time we will take a new group of ordinary men through the jungle phase of the selection process; arguably the most physically challenging and psychologically demanding part of the selection process. Once again, the course will be designed and run by ex Special forces soldiers and based on their experience of the Special Forces selection process. As with the first series, the key aim of this series is authenticity. We want to deliver genuine insight into what it takes - both mentally and physically - to join the Special Forces. The series is due to be screened on Channel 4 at prime-time towards the end of 2016.

We need men to apply who are in peak physical and mental fitness, and who are willing to undergo ten intense days of grueling physical and psychological tests.

Apply here

21 Jan 16


Could you share your passion for property on a prime time TV documentary series?
Could you share your passion for property on a prime time TV documentary series?

True North are currently casting a brand new property series for C5 which will follow first time property developers or seasoned professionals as they take on their latest project, from planning and renovation to eventually flipping for as much profit as possible.

Contact Rob on 0161 850 0107
29 Oct 15


George Clarke's Amazing Spaces

... are looking for new exciting builds to feature on the upcoming series. If your project is unique, creative and unusual we want to hear from you.

Contact us with details of you and your project at:

or 020 7184 6774 17 Mar 15


Modern families wanted for soft drinks London commercial

Modern families wanted for soft drinks London commercial

Emily Tilelli at ET Casting, a London based casting agency, is currently searching for London based families to feature in an exciting commercial for a leading soft drinks brand. We are specifically celebrating modern families and my brief is Same Sex Parents with their children. (Other briefs my colleagues are working on are: Single mums, stay at home dads, step families, nuclear families etc). You get the idea!

It's a really lovely project the chosen families will be paid anywhere between £250 - £750 to each member of each family.

No previous acting experience is necessary. You just need to be happy to chat with us as a family!

We will need to meet the whole family over Skype sometime between 1st-8th December and all candidates must be available for filming for a few hours between 13th-16th December.

Apply before Friday 5th December 2014.

Contact: Emily Tilelli
020 3010 3030 if you have any queries.

3 Dec 14

Been on any bad dates lately?

Been on any Bad Dates lately?

Rumpus Media have been commissioned by Channel 4 online to produce a new online comedy show called Bad Dates where we ask people to recount their stories of funny dating disasters illustrated by dramatic re-enactments (played by actors).

We are really looking to represent a really diverse group of people who are bright, enthusiastic and have funny disastrous date stories. If this is something that may interest you please contact:

Jonathan Walik
Tel 207 76123177

6 Nov 14

Breastfeeding LGBT Parents, betty wants to speak to you!

UK TV production company betty is making an hour-long film about breastfeeding for Discovery Networks International.

The film will look at breastfeeding through personal experiences. We are looking especially at breastfeeding habits that used to be accepted but may now be considered 'unusual' in some societies. This includes extended breastfeeding, wet nursing and cross-nursing.

We are also keen to include modern angles on breastfeeding and are looking for people who may not have been able to breastfeed in the past but now can thanks to scientific advancements and lactation advice. This may include lesbian couples with both partners wanting to breastfeed their child, and other gay and transgender individuals or couples who hope to be able to breastfeed or are already breastfeeding or using breast milk donations.

We are looking to speak with as many people as possible all over the world to get a good range of opinions and experiences. If you are interested in speaking to us about your breastfeeding experiences please get in touch.

Contact: Nicola Han
Phone: 020 7290 0207

4 Sep 14

Film about couples who run businesses together

October Films are currently making a BBC2 documentary film about couples who run businesses together in 2014. The film is being directed by acclaimed Producer Director Guy Gilbert and will be part of the prestigious BBC documentary strand Modern Times, a series of one off films which together aim to paint a picture of what it is like to live in Britain today.

Our film is about couples who have formed a partnership in business and run it together. We are hoping to get a real sense of what it takes within a partnership to make a relationship, both personal and in business, thrive. We want to capture all the funny, happy, sad, chaotic and triumphant moments, however small, experienced in everyday life and hope to create a warm, intelligent and humorous film about what it is like as a couple running a business in 2014.

I'm currently contacting organisations throughout the UK to see if they may be able to suggest any suitable candidates. Couples with big personalities who have a start-up business in the UK!

Our aim is to gather subjects from a diverse plethora of backgrounds and areas of the country in order to paint as broad and interesting a picture as possible of life as a couple in business today.

Contact Jessica Reid on 07988 604555 or
21 Aug 14

New architectural TV show

I work for a new architectural TV show and we are looking for people wanting to undergo some form of renovation on their property and have between £100,000 and £500,000 to spend. We have an exciting leading architect in place who will be taking on the project.

Contact: Olivia Thompson

Red House Television
Tel 020 3189 3221 |

21 Aug 14

The Island with Bear Grylls

In series one, 13 male volunteers were stripped of all the comforts of civilisation, and cast away on a remote deserted island. They filmed themselves, and shared their raw and exhilarating story of survival in a ground breaking documentary series.

This year, we are considering applications from men and women. We are looking for fit and able people of all ages (18+) each with their unique skillset.

We are looking for people from a variety of professions and all walks of life, who are confident in their ability to thrive but they do not need any experience in adventure or survival pursuits to participate. We will cover reasonable pre-agreed loss of earnings for everyone who participates.

The closing date for applicants is Wednesday 30 July (although we may still consider applications after that date) so if this could be fast-tracked in anyway it would be much appreciated. Contact Alek Hale

Aug 14

Join us at one of Britain's finest guesthouse destinations.

Studio Lambert, the makers of shows such as "GOGGLEBOX" and "FOUR IN A BED". I'm working on an exciting new programme which will document the day to day running of one of Britain's finest guesthouse destinations. We of course need GUESTS; we're looking for COUPLES, FAMILIES, and GROUPS from all walks of life. Ideally characters with something to say, they may have a special occasion coming up or a piece of big news to share.

Applicants must be over 18. Contact:

23 jun 14

the Voice UK

The Voice UK is on the hunt for people with a genuinely fantastic voice

BBC's hugely successful singing show fourth series are looking for either soloists or duos who believe that they have what it takes to become the next big thing.

We are looking for talent who must be 16 years of age or older on 23rd June 2014 and must have the right to live and work in the UK for over 20 hours per week. The winner of The Voice 2015 will receive a record deal with record label giant: Universal.

To give you a quick synopsis of the show The Voice UK'is the most successful new entertainment series launch on BBC One in over a decade. The first series had a consolidated series average of 9.2 million (38.5% share) viewers and peaked at 10.6 million during Series 3.

Apply here

18 Apr 14

Want to find someone from your past?

Wall to Wall Television's new series for BBC One - provisionally called 'The Gift' - will help people who have lost touch with - or perhaps never even known - a really important person from their past. We're using search and mediation specialists to find these people and facilitate a meeting so that they can say 'sorry' or 'thank you'.

From people who want to find and thank the stranger who saved their life; or the person who helped or inspired them when they needed it most; right down to the other end of the spectrum to people who are living with huge burdens of guilt who are desperate to apologise for their actions and finally make amends.

The producers hope to use the series to discuss important issues affecting people in the UK - such as social exclusion, inequality and homophobia - perhaps by showing that these are problems some individuals and communities still have to deal with on a daily basis, or by demonstrating that people are completely capable of change.

Contact Rachel Ozers
Tel 020 7241 9310

20 Feb 14

Are you currently in an online relationship with someone you've never met?

Have you met your partner via social media or through online dating? Would you like to meet them in person?

If so MTV Catfish UK would love to hear your story.

Please get in touch
or call 07598 776968

15 Jan 14

New Food Quiz Share New Food Quiz

Can you rustle up a feast from a limited larder? This could be your chance to shine on an exciting new food quiz for Channel 4. Plum Pictures is looking for teams of two to apply to take part in a brand new food quiz.

In each episode, two teams of two people will compete against one another in a game of knowledge and cooking skill.

Quiz rounds will win you ingredients to cook with; answer correctly and you could win a prized ingredient. Answer incorrectly and you might end up with an undesirable ingredient. Once all the ingredients have been won, it's up to each pair of contestants to create and cook a tasty dish with whatever they've won.

The show is open to both home cooks as well as seasoned professionals.

If you think you have the knowledge or the cooking skill to come out on top then we want to hear from you.

For more information and an application form, email:

25 Nov 13

BBC Two's The Fixer with Alex Polizzi is back and looking for
Family Businesses!

Do you run a family business or work with members of your family?

Are you facing any challenges or dilemmas connected to your business and family?

Are you worried about the future of your company? Finding it hard in the current economic conditions?

Whatever your situation we want to hear from you.

To find out more please e-mail

12 Nov 13

Martin Lewis Money Show

ITV Studios wants to meet savers who are frustrated with the low interest rates, and who might be interested in a relatively new way of getting a decent return on your savings.

It would involve coming along to filming on Friday in central London. We'd provide refreshments and Martin will provide you with some fascinating tips on how to make your savings grow. All we need from you is your thoughts and opinions and to be up for a doing something a bit different on Friday 1 November

Please contact Ed Towner

tel: 0207 157 73803

28 Oct 13

Do you ever secretly wonder what would happen if you were stranded on a desert island?

Have you got what it takes to build your own shelter and catch your own dinner?

Stripped of 21st century comforts, do you think you could survive?

A new Channel 4 series will explore the 'science of survival.'
We are looking for fit and able men of all ages (18+) each with their unique skillset, to be cast away on a tropical island to see how they fare.

We are looking for men from all walks of life to participate.
No experience of adventure or survival pursuits is necessary.

To apply, please email: for an application form.

Closing date: Friday 15th November 2013 at midnight
Tel 0207 483 6690

18 Oct 13


Russia Olympics: Should we boycott the Russian Olympics because of their persecution towards gay people?

BBC3's live debate show presented by Rick Edwards & Radio 1's Tina Daheley, Free Speech is a current affairs debate show aimed at 18-30 year olds.

On Wednesday 4th September in London we are looking for audience guests to come in to ask questions and debate with our panel - anyone with strong views against the Russia Olympics? We are looking for someone who is willing talk for or against it?


Sian Lloyd
Senior Researcher, Mentorn Media
T: 020 7258 6800

31 Aug 13


explores the psychology and science behind the UK's eating habits

Channel 4 are looking to help those who have tried dieting and/or taking part in exercise but feel they need help to lose the weight that stubbornly refuses to budge. In the first series we helped 6 families lose a combined total weight of over 22 stone, and even more in the second series. We are keen to generate interest and awareness in the new series so that we can help those who don't know where they are going wrong.

As you can see this show is an amazing opportunity to help people.


Charlie Pheby
Casting Producer, Secret Eaters
T: 020 8222 4983

30 Aug 13

Beauty and image decisions which you now regret?

Remarkable Television (producers of The Million Pound Drop, Supersize v Superskinny, Secret Eaters and Snog Marry Avoid) are currently in production for 'Undo Me' which is due to air on Channel4 this Autumn. The 6 x 1 hours will feature people who have made beauty and image decisions which they now regret and are looking to 'Undo'! From large breast implants, terrible or funny tattoos to alternative types with multiple facial piercings, earplugs and out there hair...we will meet people from all walks of life with all sort of reasons for reversals. The three key types of transformation stories we are looking for are:

Tattoo tabloid tales - People with face, neck, hand tattoos...funny or shocking tattoos in places it's difficult to hide eg. like the girl who had stars tattoo'd all over her face or the girl that asked for a portrait of Marilyn and ended up with something that she described as more like a blow up doll...

Alternative Stories
- any Goths, Punks, Cyber Goths, Cyber Punks, Ravers ie. people into a sub-culture who now feel trapped under the trappings of their look and want to go back to natural.

Beauty Obsessives - people that have gone too far with their desired look - this could be very large breast augmentations, over- fillered lips, severe- looking semi- permanent makeup, hair extensions galore. We want to hear from people who thought bigger and bolder was better, but now want to 'Undo' it all.

The series looks at the reasons and motivations for having stuff 'done' and features highly- experienced surgeons and clinicians reversing beauty decisions.


Vanessa Singh
Casting Assistant Producer
Remarkable Television an Endemol Company
Shepherds Building Central | Charecroft Way | Shepherds Bush | London W14 0EE
Tel: 0208 222 4408

22 July 13


Gadget Man on Channel 4 requires working professionals who like looking good and keeping fit to test a range of exciting personal grooming gadgets.

We are looking for people who are opinionated and who would have fun trying out new products!

Filming is scheduled for SUNDAY 28TH JULY for half a day in London
(timings tbc) , expenses paid.

If you are interested in finding out more, please contact Sue on with your name, contact number and a brief description of yourself ASAP.

22 July 13

"My Naked Secret"

Maverick Television are looking for surgeons and medical specialists to take part, and patients in need of surgery and treatment.

The series will feature people who have a medical condition or physical concern that affects their bodies and their confidence and which they are hiding away under clothes or heavy make-up from family or friends.

As part of the series each individual will be given a medical or surgical to their condition along with psychological help.

We are looking for patients in need of these solutions.

We are particularly looking for men and women with conditions such as:
- Asymmetric breasts, very small breasts or male breasts, breast reconstruction
- Alopecia
- Severe skin conditions or birthmarks
- Burns, scarring or a disfigurement following an accident or surgery
-Hereditary conditions that individuals have struggled with for the majority of their life.

Call 0121 224 8343 or email:

16 July 13

How good is your love life?

Are you satisfied in the bedroom?  Could there be room for improvement or is everything just hunky dory?

A brand new television series for Channel 4 wants to explore the modern day sex lives of ordinary couples in an honest celebration of human sexuality.

The programme aims to reclaim the natural act back from the smutty books, freak shows and internet pornography - and instead examine real people and real relationships. 

We want to hear from couples of all ages from new relationships through to long-term marriages.

If you and your partner would like the opportunity to discuss your sex life with our experts then please get in touch by Friday 26th July 2013 with your name and contact details: 
0203 432 1233 or 0203 475 8339

16 July 13

BBC 2 seeks Britain's Best Amateur Designers

Are you passionate about interior design?

Do you have a natural flair and creativity and think you have what it takes to improve the interiors of other people's homes?

In a brand new, warm-hearted television series contestants will compete to be named the UK's best amateur interior designer.

If you think you have what it takes please call 0207 534 2018 or email in order to receive an application

31 May 13

New series of Last Chance Salon helping people correct Body, Skin and Hair disasters

By the makers of Embarrassing Bodies, the programme aims to help people who have received some form of beauty treatment which has been more disastrous, rather than enhancing the appearance of an individual i.e. breast enhancements/reductions, nose correction surgery, chemical peels, face lifts, Botox, hair treatments, liposuction etc. This is where our team of qualified specialists would assess each case and correct whatever procedure went wrong.

We have already made one series of the programme, which went very well, with all participants feeling very happy with the after results.

Currently casting people for the second series, please contact:
Ainsley on: 0121 224 8439

2 May 13

Documentary about women who experience difficulties in attaining orgasm

The Garden Productions are working with a well respected expert in the making of the film. At this stage of the project we are trying to get in touch with single women and couples to see if they would be interested in speaking to us to find out a bit more about being involved the documentary. Participants will be given expert advice to help them address any concerns they might have and ultimately, achieve greater satisfaction in their sexual life.

More information:

Contact: Sophie Mohamed

24 Apr 13

Would like to appear in a documentary about The Hoist ?

An American film maker wants to create a documentary about the history of the club. It is not a sex movie but a serious documentary. The aim is to have it premiered in 2014 at the BFI Lesbian and Gay Film Festival. Apart from the history of the club it will also be looking into sex in public places and how it's disappearing/changing because of the internet.

Please send an email to or turn up at the club on Friday 26th April, Saturday 27th April or Sunday 28th April.

9 Apr 13

Have you had unsuccessful cosmetic surgery?

Are you living with the fall out from failed cosmetic treatment? Has past cosmetic treatment left you with unsightly lumps, bumps and uncomfortable and painful body parts? Is this affecting your relationship or your quality of life? Do you live in the UK?

Channel 5 are making a medical documentary series working with the UK's top corrective surgeons. Following these surgeons while they carry out corrective treatment on patients whose bodies have been blighted by failed cosmetic surgery.

Is your body baring the brunt of faulty implants or enhancement? Have you had a failed face lift, hair plugs which haven't taken, disastrous cosmetic dentistry, botched botox?

Our series is not judgemental or out to name and shame past surgeons or clinics. We simply show the realities of cosmetic treatment.

Whatever your personal symptoms or situation - if you have had unsuccessful cosmetic work and are keen to get this remedied, please contact our team email: or call 0207 704 3333

5 Apr 13



- Is there someone you work, live or socialise with who deserves their home being turned into a heavenly retreat by our designer to the stars?

- Do you know someone who could do with a surprise pampering with a red carpet styling worthy of the Oscars?

A brand new series for Channel 4 is looking to add glamour to someone's life with a true Hollywood make-over.

If you know the perfect hard-working and well-deserving person and want to show them how appreciated they truly are, give them the glamour of Hollywood and add a bit of sparkle to their life.

If you want to nominate a special person to receive this remarkable treat in 2013 then contact us at: or on 01273 224 800 and we will consider every suggestion for our series due to go into production in early 2013. Remember to leave your contact number so we can talk to you in private about your nomination. Please don't nominate yourself.

12 Mar 13

Are you a great cook? Up for a culinary challenge?

Channel 4 are looking for dynamic duos to face the ultimate dinner party challenge.
You and your partner will have to prepare a top-notch dinner party - in someone else's house.

So if you think you can cook up a storm anytime, anywhere - then this is the competition for you. Get in touch today for more information

20 Feb 13

New series called Compare Your Life for Channel 4

True North Productions are looking for couples and families for a brand new Channel 4 series who want to make changes to their lives and start running their own business.

We are looking for people who are ready to make these changes but need some expert help to identify the right opportunity. It's a perfect chance for people who dream of a new life, but until now just haven't had the expertise or head space to go for it!

If this sounds like something you might be interested in then please contact: with a little bit of information about yourself and your current situation. Ideally you should be in a position to make some big decisions in 2013.


7 Feb 13

New primetime gardening Programme for BBC2

We are looking for pairs of contestants who have the skills and the dedication to compete to be the nation's best kitchen gardener. Someone who can cultivate the perfect carrot, make their green tomatoes into award winning chutney and turn their dahlias and sweet peas into floral arrangements fit for a Queen.

We would like to hear from people who believe they have the skills to compete and are interested in featuring in our series. To apply please email for an application form.

Charlie Pheby, Casting Producer
Silver River, 15 Adeline Place, London, WC1B 3AJ
020 7307 2733

5 Feb 13

New series of Snog Marry Avoid

We are looking for glam and OTT girls and guys to take part and have a makeunder on the BBC THREE show.

If you have a diverse, unique and OTT look and fancy some fun with POD - plus bagging yourself a swanky make-under and new outfit then head to the be-on-a-show page to apply!

We are asking all applicants to send in their photo's and contact details to ASAP - as we are hoping to cast everyone over the next few days!

Kieron Maye: Researcher: Snog, Marry, Avoid?
Remarkable Television ; Queensgate : 121 Suffolk St : Birmingham : B1 1LX
0121 616 8923

5 Feb 13

Are you worried about the future of your business?

Are you finding it tough in the current economic climate? Twofour Broadcast are looking for businesses to take part in a new TV Series.

Whatever the challenges facing your business we would like to hear from you……
Our experienced business advisor is on hand to offer advice to businesses that have concerns about their future.

If you feel yours would benefit from a fresh pair of eyes and to find out more please contact: Naomi on 0207 438 1851

5 Feb 13

Superscrimpers series 4

We are looking for families who love to spend money in a certain area of their lives. Maybe they spend too much on their children, on decorating their home, on clothes and shoes or expensive holidays and would like to learn how to save for a particular thing, such as a mortgage or a family car.

We are looking for outgoing individuals who would like to take part in a fun money saving challenge and learn how to live their life for half the price.

Contact: Natalie Walker
Casting Producer, Superscrimpers Series 4
6th Floor, Queensgate, 121 Suffolk Street, Birmingham, B1 1LX
0121 616 8921

1 Feb 13

New cooking series for Sky called 'My Kitchen Rules'

Boundless Productions in London (responsible for shows such as The Apprentice, Grand Designs, Four Rooms and Great British Railway Journeys) is developing a new cooking series for Sky called 'My Kitchen Rules', which is already the No.1 cooking show in Australia!

We're looking for amateur cooking teams of two to get involved for the UK series, and we want people who have a passion for cooking and in particular would like to show off their self-taught talents and personalities in the kitchen.

The basic idea behind the show is it's a competition to find the best regional amateur cooking teams of 2 that will compete against each other through various different cooking challenges - think 'Come Dine with Me/The Apprentice'.

Contact Joe Deen on 0207 861 8248

28 Jan 13

Compare Your Life

We are looking for couples and families who want to make changes to their lives and start running their own business but need some expert help to identify the right opportunity. It's a perfect chance for people who dream of a new life but until now just haven't had the expertise or head space to go for it!

We are currently concentrating on families or couples who want to change their lives and relocate somewhere in the UK. We are offering to do the research for each families search and it would be a great opportunity for those who maybe haven't had the time to search or do not know where to start.

If this is of interest to you, or if you knew of anyone thinking about relocating and buying a business, please contact:

Ilona Burton
True North, Marshalls Mill, Marshall Street, Leeds LS11 9YP
Tel: 0113 247 1863

21 Jan 13


Would you let your kids organise your wedding day?

CBBC is looking for families with children aged 7-14 to take part in the new series of Marrying Mum and Dad, the hit BBC TV show where the kids organise the happy couple's Big Day!

Are you a mum or dad who put your wedding day on the back burner to raise a family? Maybe you've finally found your soul mate and want to tie the knot? Perhaps you're getting married second time around?

If you - or someone you know - is planning a wedding or a civil partnership ceremony, and would be happy to put your kids or step-kids in the driving seat, then we'd love to hear from you.

Email your name and contact number to for more info.
Or write to Marrying Mum & Dad, BBC Children's, BBC Bridge House, 2nd Floor, MediaCityUK, Salford M50 2BH

Please note all contact numbers must be for a parent/guardian aged 18 yrs or over. Closing date 22nd January 2013

12 Dec 12



Shopping has become one of Britain's favourite leisure activities and we are looking for lively, fun people to talk about their spending habits for a new Channel 4 series.
If you shop til you drop and can't resist the buzz you get from buying we want to hear from you.

If this sounds like you or someone you know please get in touch: or call: 020 7307 2720

18 Oct 12


Do you have kids over the age of 18? Would you like your kids to learn the ropes of the family business? Are you keen to kick-start their career?

If so, you could be part of an exciting new Channel 4 project. Two Four Broadcast are currently piloting a new series and would love to hear from you.

Please get in touch on 0207 438 1826

16 Aug 12



.. looks at the impacts and effects of social media on young people, and asks questions about whether there are particular issues for this generation who are growing up in a world of social media.

We are looking for young people(11-19-year olds) to help us shape this film and portray their side of the on-going social media debate. We would like to speak to those who are affected by social media and could tell their story.

We are particularly keen to find a lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender young person who has been affected by social media, possibly someone who feels quite isolated in their real world but has found a supportive online community which is allowing them to be themselves.

Alternatively it may be someone who is dealing with homophobic cyberbullying or indeed it could be both or a different story altogether. As sensitive film makers, it is important to us that we get a true representation of what is really happening online for young people today; whether it be the power to achieve unthinkable triumphs, to the devastating impacts which we have all read about in the media, and as importantly all the stories in between.

To chat in more detail contact: Emily Hudson,, Cross Street Films
0207 502 3818

15 Aug 12

Channel 4's 'The Food Hospital'

Explores the possible health benefits of everyday foods in targeting a wide range of medical conditions and symptoms. We are interested in a range of conditions but especially want to find someone with vitiligo and another person with early Prostate cancer who is on active surveillance for their raised PSA levels. There is evidence to suggest that there is a link with diet in both conditions.

I'm sure you would agree that awareness of vitiligo and prostate cancer could be improved and hopefully this series could help that situation. We had nearly 2 million viewers on average last year, and the series as a whole reached over 11 million people. Patients attending 'The Food Hospital' will be advised by our team of medical professionals including a leading registered Dietitian, a GP and a Consultant. Using evidence-based, cutting-edge scientific research, the team will prescribe specific diets that could help the patients' conditions or symptoms. The advice and treatment that the Food Hospital will offer is complementary and intended to be followed in conjunction with the patient's existing medical regime. The Food Hospital medical team will endeavour to work collaboratively with the patient's current medical advisors as well. Their travel expenses will be covered, and they will be treated sensitively. The contributors we featured on the series last year enjoyed the process and benefitted from it too.

I have also attached a flyer if you would feel happy giving these to suitable people. We're a very supportive team and have a very careful attitude to contributor care and treating everyone sensitively.

Within the science and medical community, The Food Hospital was received particularly well. The production team worked closely with a number of academics and institutions and as a result, many more academic institutions are keen to link with the series this year. This rigorous approach to the treatment and careful consideration of ethics will be followed again in series 2.

People can call me with no obligation to find out a bit more:
Bethan Bailey, tel 0207 907 0867

31 Jul 12

Supersize vs Superskinny

Channel 4's hit TV series is back for a sixth series, and we are looking for new participants who feel they could benefit from some expert help.

Are you extremely overweight - tipping the scales over 20 stone?

Are you super slim - do your clothes fall off you?

Send your name, contact details and photo, and we'll send you an application form, to:

18 Jul 12

John Bishop

We're looking for entertaining people who are good at telling jokes to take part in John Bishop's new TV Show for Sky One.

Is your mate or sister the best joke-teller in the pub? We need funny joke tellers from every walk of life.

Contact Katie Horbury on 0207 927 6463

18 Jul 12

Dream Job

I'm looking for enthusiastic people to take part in a new prime-time Channel 4's series. It's called Dream Job - and we're going to give people the chance of a life time - to try out for the kind of jobs they want to do, but haven't been able to get people to give them the chance.

Perhaps a friend of yours has always dreamed of being in a certain profession but thinks they'll never get the chance. And we're not looking for relevant experience or qualifications.

We've got some of Britain's most exciting companies on board - advertising, journalism, tourism, music, fashion, an exclusive 5 Star hotel, a leading museum, interior design etc. - they get hundreds of applications a week - but by applying for Dream Job, they may be able to get the opportunity they've always wanted.

Contact: Farrah Solim, Assistant Producer, Boundless. Tel: 020 7861 8451

11 Jul 12

Impact of mental health issues on LGBT individuals

Birmingham LGBT is looking for lesbian, gay, bisexual or trans people with lived experience of mental health issues, to take part in a short documentary film exploring the impact of mental health issues on LGBT individuals.

The short documentary will be used by Birmingham & Solihull Mental Health NHS Foundation Trust for staff training and also be screened at LGBT Film Festivals in the UK and abroad.

A growing body of evidence, including recent research by Birmingham LGBT, shows that LGBT people experience a disproportionate level of poor mental health, one of the aims of this film is to bring these issues to the fore.

Contact David Viney on 0121 773 0633

13 Jun 12

New programme for BBC2 with the Hairy Bikers

We're looking for food enthusiasts to send us a video of themselves delivering a healthy eating tip, a diet trick or and exercise secret.

The Hairy Bikers are back with a brand new mission. They've looked down at their waistlines and wondered how did we end up like this? Si King and Dave Myers have made their names cooking real food for real people, creating mouth-watering dishes big on flavour and calories and their bodies have taken the toll after many years of good cooking. Now all that has to stop. Loving the food they eat is a cornerstone of their lives and they know they won't succeed in shedding the pounds if the food they eat is dull and repetitive. Their plan: to try to create some delicious healthy recipes to help them on their way and so persuade Britain to lose weight with them.

On their journey the boys will join forces with the men and women of Britain to find ways of creating food that satisfies their lust for tasty cooking and answers the demands of the doctors and nutritionists who want them to make less of themselves. The boys hope that what starts with a mighty weigh-in will end in triumph, lessons learned and trousers taken in.

Calling on viewers to help build a guide to low-cal food, healthy eating tips and exercise tricks, The Bikers need you.

Go to for more information and to submit a video.

14 May 12

Family Businesses wanted for the next series of BBC Two's The Fixer!

Do you run a family business and work with members of your family?

Are you facing any challenges or dilemmas connected to your business and family?

Are you worried about the future of your company? Finding it hard in the current economic conditions?

Whatever your situation we want to hear from Family Businesses for the next series of the successful BBC 2 show 'The Fixer' with Alex Polizzi.

To find out more please contact Naomi on 0207 438 1812 or

8 May 12

SuperScrimpers; the show that aims to make your money go further.

We are currently in making the third series of the show at the moment and looking for Overspenders to take part. It would be great to potentially get an overspending gay couple or gay group of friends to take part in the new series.

Contact: Kieron Maye, Remarkable Television, Endemol UK
Tel 0121 604 6900 - Ext: 221

23 Apr 12

'First Timers' needed for TV programme

You may be out and proud, but maybe you know someone who's shy and awkward around the opposite sex? A friend or relative who's still a virgin?
Is a lack of confidence making it difficult to take that next crucial step?

If this sounds like you, or someone you know who's always wanted to overcome their sexual fears but just don't know how to, we want to hear from you.

A team of experienced and trained professionals could help you overcome your sexual anxieties. All responses will be dealt with in confidence

Contact: Farrah Jaufuraully at Zig Zag Productions, an independent television production company. Tel 020 7017 8755

13 Apr 12

Are you funny?

Channel 4 are looking for a wide range of REAL Great British Characters to take part in a mainstream comedy show. It doesn't matter where you come from, how old you are, just as long as you're funny.

Many of our great comedy characters, who we know and love from TV: e.g.
Basil Fawlty and Del Boy were based on real people. These are the types of people we are looking for. Not the next generation of stand-up comedians, but real honest and believable real characters who could almost be a character in a situation comedy.

You may know someone? Your nan, your auntie, your teenage son or daughter? The man who runs the corner shop, your local pub landlord, your hairdresser or your neighbor. It could be anyone, but if they make you laugh, they may also get the chance to make the whole country laugh too!


Re-Tweet | Facebook |
T: 020 7202 2388

Charlie Pheby, Casting Producer, Objective Productions Limited, 3rd Floor, Riverside Building, County Hall, Westminster Bridge Road, London SE1 7PB

30 Mar 12

BBC Three commissions a new high stakes entrepreneurial show with Richard Reed.

The ultimate search for hot new business-blooded talent is on.

In “BE YOUR OWN BOSS”(working title) leading entrepreneur and co-founder of Innocent Drinks, Richard Reed, is on the hunt for the next generation of start-up superstars - and he’s got up to £1million to invest in the right people with the best ideas.

It took the faith and investment of one man to turn Richard and his friends’ idea into a multi-million-pound empire.  Now he wants to do the same for a new wave of young entrepreneurs, bringing passion, high stakes and opportunity to the cream of young British business talent.

The search is on for groups of friends with killer ideas, hungry for a shot at life-changing investment.  

The series kicks off with an attention-grabbing test of entrepreneurial skill when Richard hands the 500 best applicants some cash to see just how easily they can turn a profit. Disregarding traditional elimination formats, Richard will draw on his own business philosophy to help determine who should have a chance at the kind of big money that turns business dreams into reality.

Richard Reed said: "Setting up and running innocent with my friends has been a life-enhancing adventure. That's why I’m excited to be part of this new series giving others the chance to have the same experience, starting their own business and setting them up to become successful entrepreneurs."

Apply for your slice of Richard Reed's investment fund, up to £1m available

The application process is open for a limited time so if you’ve got a great business idea apply today!

Follow us on twitter: @BYOBoss_BBC3
Join us on Facebook

26 Mar 12


Coming Out? Gareth Thomas wants to talk to you!

Dragonfly Film and TV - the makers of One Born Every Minute, and The Hotel - are making a sensitive, intimate 1-hour documentary for Channel 5 about homophobia in society, and the challenges that gay people face coming out.

Gareth Thomas, the rugby player, is presenting it - and the film will be a mix of his own life story - and the stories of others.

Assistant producer Sophie Waldron says: "We want to show both men and women and we want this to be a positive documentary; For Gareth coming out was a hugely positive experience and whilst we want to show people whose experience of coming out was not positive - those who suffered rejection / homophobic abuse or even attempted suicide - we are also keen to speak to those who have come out the other side and who are hopefully in a much better place.

If you have a story that you think might help other people please email or text - in the strictest confidence - with a bit of information and the program makers will call you back. or text 07979 323 058

15 Mar 12


Looking for partnerships who run a restaurant together

Marco Pierre White's new Channel 5 series called "Kitchen Wars" will tour the country searching for the best establishments in the UK.

Specifically, we are looking for partnerships who run a restaurant together, with the format designed to test their culinary skills and teamwork! Pairs may be related, married, partners or just friends

Contact Davinia Richardson

13 Feb 12


Home Businesses

We are making a pilot for a new TV series for Channel 4 called Home Businesses which looks at how businesses are run from home around the UK. We are currently in the process of casting for the pilot and we are looking for really innovative businesses that represent the entrepreneurial spirit of the Brits.

The more diversity the better and we are looking for people from all walks of life. Ideally we are looking for someone who is not running an IT or software company, somebody who is doing something quite visual and that is mainly based in the home. As ever we want great characters who have an interesting story behind their business.

Please call Coco on 020 7534 2017 between 10am to 6pm

3 Feb 12


Calling All Entrepreneurs!

Twofour Broadcast are currently seeking budding entrepreneurs to take part in a brand new, primetime television show for a major UK broadcaster.

We're looking for people with great business ideas who have the personality and skills to become a future tycoon!

Contestants will have the opportunity to win a sizable investment for their idea, from one of the country's top businessmen.

It might be that you have just set up your dream business but want some extra help or you have a great idea that is not yet off the ground.

To find out more please contact us on 0207 438 1960 or email us at

12 Jan 12

Are you struggling with weight loss?

Endemol UL are producing a new and exciting 6 part series! Each episode features a household - families and households i.e professional sharers or students - which we aim to help to shed the excess pounds. We are looking for people who can't understand why they seem to be gaining weight or why they can't lose it. Using the latest research our specialists will help people lose weight in a healthy and sustainable way.

Our aim is to educate the audience by producing a series which explores the science behind weight gain and how to live a healthy life style. As you can see this is an amazing show which aims to help people, but our biggest challenge is getting the word out there so people can make the decision whether or not to apply.

Follow us on Twitter @ TV_weightloss

Contact Charlie: 0208 222 4398

12 Jan 12


Third series of Dinner Date

As the only gay in the office, it's my job to find guys to take part in the third series of Dinner Date for ITV1 which was a big hit over the summer. Dinner Date is a really fun, dating and cooking show where a single person goes on three dates with three different people and is cooked a three course meal by each of them. The great thing about this show is that you don't have to be a good cook to take part!

We have two gay episodes coming up after the New Year, one in Manchester and one in London, so wanting to cast for guys soon.

If you would like to find out more please email your name, age, location and telephone number to: - Or call 020 7184 6742

1 Dec 11


Channel 4 documentary series about love and relationships are seeking LGBT contributors

The Garden Productions is an independent production company founded last year by the team who made the BAFTA award-winning series One Born Every Minute, and more recently, 24 Hours in A&E on Channel 4.

They intend to take an "intelligent and sensitive" look at relationships across lifetimes and generations - "from the first kiss to the final farewell and everything else in between," says producer Emma Tutty.

The documentary makers are looking to talk to people from all walks of life, and are passionate about representing gay and lesbian viewpoints. One of the films in the series will tell the stories of people who are coming to terms with their sexuality later in life.

The documentary makers are particularly keen to talk to same-sex couples planning to have a civil partnership between November 2011 and April 2012.

"Perhaps one or both partners came to terms with their sexuality later in life. Maybe they were previously married to someone of the opposite sex, and perhaps they have teenage or grown-up children from their marriage," adds Tutty.

If anyone is interested to find out more or to have a confidential research chat, they can email Becky at or call 020 3465 9060.

Anyone enquiring will be under no obligation to appear in the programme.

11 Nov 11


People with big personalities who are quirky, funny or unique.

Objective Productions are developing a brand new show for Channel 4 and looking for people to take part.

We're hoping to cast a diverse range of characters from all walks of life and from different backgrounds to represent the British public. The show is going to be light-hearted, funny and will revolve around a group of real characters sharing their opinions and going about their day to day lives. What we are really hoping to find are people with big personalities who are quirky, funny or unique.

This may or may not be you, but maybe you have a funny Nan who doesn't know the difference between an iPhone and a calculator, or your daughter is the real Vikki Pollard? Maybe your uncle is a transsexual or your neighbour is a hilarious Cabbie.

Our brief is truly open, we're interested in meeting funny people from all walks of life, some of which wont even realise they're funny!

Contact Charlie Pheby

9 Nov 11


Channel 4 wants to hear from 18-22 year-old girls

Channel 4's The Joy of Teen Sex is back for a second series, for all your love, sex and relationship concerns. This prime-time series offers a revealing, candid and thought-provoking insight into sex and relationship issues affecting teenagers and their parents in Britain today. We will feature the walk-in advice centre again, staffed by an experienced team of sexual health professionals, where young people and parents can seek help and support on any query. No issue is too big, small or embarrassing.

If you're interested in taking part and are between 18-22, please get in touch asap: or text 07985 646221 or call 0207 290 0660.

20 Oct 11


Explore some of the many issues surrounding virginity and sex

BBC Three presenter Cherry Healey has already made several frank and funny programmes about drinking, dating, money and parenting- and she was even filmed giving birth to her daughter Coco. Now she wants to find out about virginity, and specifically how you lost yours. If you have a strong opinion on keeping it or losing it; or a funny, sad or interesting story on when it did or didn't happen for you, then we'd love to hear from you.

To find out more please email with some details about yourself and a contact number or call the Production Team on 0207 449 3284.

Check out our Facebook page, 'Popping Your Cherry', and get involved via Twitter, @poppingurcherry, to find out what we have been up to and send us your stories. All contact will be strictly confidential and will not commit you to the programme.

29 Sep 11


Do you have a fear or phobia?

A situation which you find difficult, distressing or uncomfortable?
Does it badly affect your day to day life, or maybe your family’s life? 
And would you like help to overcome it?

CAN TV are making a television pilot, which aims to help people to overcome their fears and phobias. 

With the aid of our experienced team our goal is to help you overcome your problem, guiding you every step of the way. 

From a fear of heights to Obsessive Compulsive Disorders, nothing is off limits.
If you are interested in working with us, or have a friend or relative who may be affected

Tel: 020 34 111 060

23 Sep 11


Family-run businesses wanted for a new BBC 2 TV programme!

Twofour Broadcast are looking for family-run businesses to feature in a new BBC 2 series. As the granddaughter of Lord Forte, presenter Alex Polizzi grew up in one of Britain's most famous family firms and is passionate about keeping our family businesses alive. She will draw on her experience and offer advice to businesses wanting to secure their future.

If you feel yours would benefit from this fantastic opportunity, please contact Briony Jones on 01752 727400 or email

1 Sep 11


The Devil's Dinner Party

New ITV Series for Sky Atlantic seek LGBT guests:

Our six guests meet for the first time over champagne and nibbles; they have little time to get to know each other. Based on their first impressions, each guest must vote for who they wish to remove from the guest-list before dinner has even started. Only five guests will move through to the dining-room.

Over dinner, our guests must each answer a personal question about themselves, or their fellow guests - keeping in mind they have just met. Their fellow diners must then use their intuition to predict their answer - and if the group predicts correctly, a thousand pounds goes into the pot. The group can win up to six thousand pounds over the course of the evening.

But only one guest will walk away with the winnings - and that's the guest voted the Devil's favourite guest at the end of the night!

Tweet us on Twitter,!/Devils_Dinner

Charlie Pheby

20 Jul 11

Gok's Teens: The Naked Truth

features a young gay guy from Sheffield. Part of his journey is that he is taken to London to meet inspirational gay people from different industries - to show anyone can be gay no matter who you are and what you do.

We want to 'widen' that piece out slightly by including several still images of openly gay people from even more vocational backgrounds. If you happen to know any other gay people with jobs that can be easily identified by what they wear (or where they work), please feel free to put their names forward to me. We are hoping to include people like

- A vicar
- A doctor
- A soldier
- A post man
- A policeman
- A taxi driver
- A lawyer
- A fireman
- A builder

Contact Anja Dembina: 0121 224 8463s

6 Jun 11




How much is too much porn?
Which STIs are untreatable?
Are you a virgin?

If you're 16 - 21 and want to know the answers to these and other questions, we want to hear from you.

No issue is too big, small, extreme or embarrassing.

We want to talk to teenagers who need sex and relationship advice or who are keen to share their sex and relationship experiences.

If you are interested in taking part, please contact
or call 020 7907 0899
or text 07985 64 6221
or follow on twitter @BettyTVLondon

Please note that if you are under 18, we need your parent or guardian's consent to proceed

6 Jun 11


Dates correct at time of going to press, but some are subject to change.


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