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London rally against Gambia anti-gay Bill
New law increases sentence for homosexuality from 14 years to life. Urge President Yahya Jammeh to not sign the Bill. Rally at Gambian Embassy, 92 Ledbury Rd, London W11 2AH
- 4:30-6pm, Wed 24 Sep
Sign petition 23 Sep 14

Canadian gay rights activist Jim Deva dies

Jim Deva

Gay rights and anti-censorship activist Jim Deva died after falling from a ladder. Deva, who was co-owner of Little Sister's Book & Art Emporium, was 65 years old 23 Sep 14



Half of US adults think businesses should be allowed to reject same-sex couples

Half of US adults think businesses should be allowed to reject same-sex couples

Nearly half of U.S. adults think that businesses like caterers and florists should be allowed to reject same-sex couples as customers if the businesses have religious objections to serving those couples 23 Sep 14




Now+then: three decades of HIV in Merseyside

Now+Then HIV in Liverpool

Now+then uncovers Merseyside's journey with HIV from the 1980s to the present day, through people's own stories - how local people and communities have responded to HIV and the prejudice and discrimination that still exist today. Free entry
- 10 Oct 2014 to 8 Feb 2015 23 Sep 14





Sham gay weddings targeted for UK citizenship
Same-sex marriages were made legal in March this year but within weeks of the legislation coming into effect, criminal gangs were touting sham gay weddings to those wanting to dodge immigration controls 22 Sep 14

252,000 US households headed by same-sex married couples in 2013

Same-sex Households

The Census Bureau estimates there were nearly 252,000 households headed by same-sex married couples in 2013, a notable increase from the 182,000 estimated in 2012, but still a small fraction of the 56 million total U.S. married couples 22 Sep 14

Gay sex is a sin believe half of Americans


Casey Stoney and her partner Megan Harris are expecting twins

Casey Stoney and her partner Megan Harris are expecting twins

Former England soccer captain Casey said: 'I had to be honest and transparent for the sake of my children. They will be strong and proud of who their mothers are. Hopefully, by the time they grow up, lesbians with children will be less of an issue 22 Sep 14

Rainbow Laces campaign supported by England soccer star 22 Sep 14



"For many gay men, the last vestige of internalized homophobia is this hatred of how they sound"

Do I Sound Gay?

Dan Savage talked to David Thorpe, who's new film Do I Sound Gay? premiered at this month's Toronto International Film Festival. It appears 'Gay Voice' is ruining lives 22 Sep 14

View Trailer



North Korea says rights criticism a gay plot; no gays in its country

n, Kim Jong

North Korea says criticism of its human rights record is a gay conspiracy, and that the lead author of a UN report is a "disgusting old [gay] lecher". Witnesses to rights abuses were described as "human scum" 22 Sep 14


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Gay councillor targeted by hardline loyalists in Glasgow

Austin Sheridan targeted by hardline loyalists in Glasgow

Scotland's youngest councillor has spoken of his "shock and sadness" after he was singled out for homophobic abuse by loyalists in George Square. The SNP's Austin Sheridan, 21, videoed the tirade by two men, who screamed insults in his face after he left Glasgow City Chambers on Friday 21 Sep 14


'Gimp Man of Essex' aiming to spark debate while fundraising

Gimp Man of Essex

A rubber fetishist who raises money by going out in public in a bondage suit said he hoped his efforts would start a debate on stereotypes. 'The Gimp Man of Essex' gives £1 to Colchester Mind every time someone posts a photo with him to his Facebook page, which has more than 2,000 likes 21 Sep 14



The night that Edward confronted Wallis over her gay lover

Duke and Duchess of Windsor in 1951

After 60 years, the private notebooks of Anne Seagrim, which she kept secretly during her service with the royal couple, offer further evidence that after 13 years of marriage, the Duchess had became bored with her husband, leading to an affair with a young American 19 years her junior, Jimmy Donahue, who until then had been a promiscuous homosexual 21 Sep 14


Behind the harness: The extraordinary history of The Folsom Street Fair

Leather Harness

This Sunday, Folsom Street in San Francisco between 8th and 13th streets will close down to car traffic and welcome over 400,000 people to the largest kink and leather event of its kind. To dig into the history of the Folsom Street Fair is to walk through the development of San Francisco
- Sun 21 Sep 21 Sep 14



Big gay power couples are 'ripe for the picking' by the GOP. Just add marriage!


With one battle in the culture war - marriage equality - winding down, could the dawn of full marriage equality keep the sun from setting on the Republicans? 21 Sep 14

Firing gay people is 'freedom', GOPer allegedly says 21 Sep 14


'God Loves Gays' billboard rejected by Utah firms

God Loves Gays

A Utah activist says Salt Lake City's two major outdoor advertising companies have refused to carry a billboard that reads "God Loves Gays." Mark Lawrence of Restoring our Humanity says representatives from Reagan Outdoor Advertising and Yesco called the subject matter too controversial 21 Sep 14


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London's flagship World AIDS Day community sport event

5K Red Run

Join Positive East to mark World AIDS Day, raising awareness of the challenges people living with HIV in London face and fundraising for London HIV services
- Sun 30 Nov 20 Sep 14

The Food Chain seeks runners to join their team 20 Sep 14



16 hospitalized after LGBT festival attacked in Russia


16 people are in hospital after Vitaly Milonov, as well as some anti-gay thugs, ruined the opening day of a LGBTI event in St Petersburg 20 Sep 14



Indonesia province proposes 100 lashes for gay sex

Indonesia province proposes 100 lashes for gay sex

Gay sex could be punishable by 100 lashes of the cane in Indonesia's staunchly conservative Aceh province if parliament passes a draft law that critics say violates basic human rights. Aceh is the only part of the world's biggest Muslim-majority nation to enforce Islamic sharia law 20 Sep 14



Freddie Mercury and Michael Jackson duet to feature on new Queen album

Freddie Mercury and Michael Jackson

A reworking of There Must Be More To Life Than This is one of three previously unheard songs to feature on new release of Queen Forever' 20 Sep 14


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What does the independence referendum result mean for LGBT Scots?

PinkNews has launched a new domain bringing together all Scottish content on the site 19 Sep 14



Martine Rothblatt: The Trans-Everything CEO

Martine Rothblatt rocks the cover of New York Magazine

Futurist, pharma tycoon, satellite entrepreneur, philosopher. Martine Rothblatt, the highest-paid female executive in America, was born male. But that is far from the thing that defines her. Just ask her wife. Then ask the robot version of her wife


Texas hotel cancels Ugandan President's stay over his anti-gay views

Texas Hotel Reportedly Cancels Ugandan President's Stay Over His Anti-Gay Views

A Dallas-area hotel reportedly cancelled the stay of Ugandan president Yoweri Museveni, days before demonstrators planned to protest his country's anti-gay policies 19 Sep 14


Probably a number of gay, closeted CEOs, says Peter Thiel

Peter Thiel thinks generational hang-ups are holding gay chief executives

Silicon Valley gay venture capitalist Peter Thiel thinks generational hang-ups are holding gay chief executives back from coming out of the closet: "I suspect there probably are a number of gay CEOs who haven't announced it," Thiel said. "I suspect it's mostly a generational thing." 19 Sep 14


Australian Football pulls out of sponsorship with Brunei


The AFL has announced it will break sponsorship ties with Brunei Airlines after the Sultan of Brunei instituted the death penalty against gays under the introduction of sharia law in that country 19 Sep 14



Pilot who claims he had six-year gay affair with John Travolta hits back

Douglas Gotterba has sued superstar JohnTravolta

Doug Gotterba says he will get no money from the suit, but if he wins he will not be bound by any confidentiality agreement. The pilot claims he had a six-year gay affair with the actor in the 1980s and is planning to write a book 19 Sep 14


Downton's harrowing homosexuality storyline takes Barrow to the 'abyss'

Downton's harrowing homosexuality storyline takes character Barrow to the 'abyss'

James-Collier, 37, who plays scheming under-butler Thomas Barrow, reveals that his character's tortured homosexuality will come to the fore in the new series - fans will see Barrow not only question his sexuality but try to change it, with devastating consequences


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Ukip choose gay journalist as candidate for Eltham election

Peter Whittle UKIP

Peter Whittle will stand for election in the constituency in May next year. He is currently Ukip's culture spokesman as well as the founder and director of the New Culture Forum, a high profile think tank based in Westminster 18 Sep 14



ISIS describes gays as pedophiles, 'the worst of creatures'

ISIS Fighter

A video released by the terrorist organization reveals that its animosity extends to LGBT people in the Western world, saying: 'Muslims must seek refuge in ISIS-controlled areas to protect their children from the possibility of being educated by gay people' 18 Sep 14



Ben Whishaw cast as lead in BBC London Spy drama

Ben Wishaw

The 33-year-old British gay actor, who played Q in Skyfall, is to take on the role of Danny in Tom Rob Smith's first television drama series 18 Sep 14


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54% of LGBT voters backing Yes

The online poll of 2,163 Scottish readers of PinkNews found that 54% plan to vote Yes in Thursday's referendum, 44% plan to vote No, while 2% remain undecided. "The battle for the gay vote indicates possibly just how close the vote for independence will be," said editor Joseph Patrick McCormick 17 Sep 14

Scottish party commitments to advancing LGBTI equality after referendum


Gay By Degree names UK's most gay-friendly universities

Gay By Degree names UK's most gay-friendly universities

Stonewall's University Guide will help prospective students to choose a university that will welcome you and support you in being yourself. It measures each university against 10 criteria including: tackling homophobic bullying, LGBT societies, and support for LGB staff. 17 Sep 14

Six UK universities get top marks for gay-friendliness 17 Sep 14


Gendered Intelligence receives £19,000 donation

Gendered Intelligence

KOKO in Camden recently held a memorial concert in honour of a dear friend named Julia Brightly, who lost her battle with cancer in July 2014. The concert raised over £19,000 which will enable Gendered Intelligence to host even more youth groups, including two outside of London in Leeds and Bristol 17 Sep 14


The tricky business of policing sex in public

Hampstead Heath

Decades ago, the police in the UK did their utmost to stop gay men having sex in public toilets and outdoor "cruising grounds". Men were frequently arrested, prosecuted and often jailed. Now police across much of the UK take a softly-softly approach, writes Julie Bindel 17 Sep 14



Gay marriage set to make grand US Supreme Court return

Religious bigotry

While courts across the United States have been hearing gay-marriage cases, the Supreme Court said it will use a September 29 private conference to consider appeals that concern whether gay marriage can be legal in some states but not in others 17 Sep 14



Egyptian police use dating sites to hunt down gay people

Liberty for Arabic homosexuals! Love is not a crime
Liberty for Arabic homosexuals!
Love is not a crime
Though homosexuality is not illegal in Egypt, police have been using social media and smartphone applications to hunt down and arrest gays and lesbians 17 Sep 14


5 reasons to fix Jamaica's flawed Sexual Offences Act

Activist Maurice Tomlinson writes an open letter to all Jamaican parliamentarians 17 Sep 14



The media pioneers will be gay

Media pioneers

Gay and lesbian journalists are now out and leading innovative new publications. Have generations of marginalization in media created the best, most skeptical minds? 17 Sep 14


Target agrees gay families are "Made to Matter"

Target agrees gay families are "Made to Matter"

A new ad for US retailer Target's "Made to Matter" campaign features a same-sex couple and their son 17 Sep 14


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Sex education should be compulsory in English schools, says gay alliance

Sex Educational Supplement

A coalition of LGBTI organisations have written an open letter to political leaders in the UK, highlighting the urgent need to make Sex and Relationship Education (SRE) statutory in all schools - as well as appropriate for LGBTI young people 16 Sep 14

LGBT equalities need to be visible in school sex and relationships education 16 Sep 14


I was blinded in one eye for being gay

Tyler Maddick

Tyler Maddick, 20, said he was verbally abused by a group of men who pulled up behind him in a car and threw petrol at him. The Swansea photographer, who already had problems with his vision, was afterwards told by a doctor that his damaged eye could not be saved 16 Sep 14



Symantec stops blocking non-adult LGBT-related content

Norton anti-virus The web content filtering software, which includes Norton products, has removed an outdated filter category. GLAAD President & CEO Sarah Kate Ellis said: "Symantec is helping to ensure that countless young LGBT people have access to critical and sometimes life-saving online resources." 16 Sep 14



Man who drank Bailey's jailed 'because it means that he is gay'

Baileys There are lots of stereotypes that gay people have to put up with, but Cameroon has come up with a new one and it's illegal. Drinking Bailey's Irish Cream there can land you in prison because it is seen as a woman's drink 16 Sep 14


Muslim academic gets death threats over women and gay-friendly mosque

Taj Hargey

Muslim academic Taj Hargey who is behind Cape Town's Open Mosque project, where women will lead prayers and gays will be welcome, receives death threats 16 Sep 14


'We sell Big STRAIGHT Ice Cream'

Big Straight Ice Cream

A restaurant has been branded 'homophobic' for posting a sign outside that reads: 'Big STRAIGHT Ice Cream' - a play on the popular Big Gay Ice Cream chain, which has a location nearby. Italian restaurant Gallo Nero (tr: Black Cock), which is located in New York's West Village neighborhood, put up the sign over the weekend, prompting dozens of passers by to comment on it via social media 16 Sep 14



Section 28 anti-gay law was great mistake, says top Tory

Sir Norman Fowler Lord Fowler told the Evening Standard: "We have come a long way. It [Section 28] was a great mistake and I think it's now recognised as a great mistake and I would apologise for it. It was totally misjudged." 16 Sep 14


Leeds Rhino considered quitting over homophobic abuse row

Zak Hardaker

Zak Hardaker says he considered quitting rugby after being accused of homophobic abuse for a second time 16 Sep 14


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Thousands sexually abused in prison, study suggests

Thousands sexually abused in prison, study suggests

A commission set up by the Howard League for Penal Reform estimated that every year 1-5% of inmates - as many as 4,000 people - could be raped or abused. Some prisoners were coerced into sex to settle debts, while others used it as a way of paying for drugs 15 Sep 14



Drag queens in Facebook name row

Cherry Sur Bete

A group of drag queens and transgender performers have called on Facebook to allow stage names rather than real names on the social network. A petition supporting the change has attracted more than 2,000 signatures 15 Sep 14

Sign petition



Moscow forum sends out urgent appeal for more 'Gay Propaganda' bans

World Congress of Families

World Congress of Families gathering calls for Russian-style "homosexual propaganda" bans to be passed throughout the world 15 Sep 14

Appeal 'to protect children from influences taken against their individuality'
Read resolution 15 Sep 14


Secret 'anti-gay' meeting held by Russian oligarch with top politicians in Vienna

Russian oligarch Konstantin Malofeew

A secret meeting discussing ways to rid Europe of the 'satanic gay lobby' was hosted by Russian oligarch Konstantin Malofeev and attended by a host of far-right MPs and ultra-conservative Eurasian ideologists in Vienna at the weekend - just across the road from where the Life Ball was taking place the very same night 15 Sep 14



IGLTA meets with Ugandan tourism leaders

IGLTA Annual Global Convention to be held in Africa

IGLTA Annual Global Convention to be held in Africa for the first time in 2016 15 Sep 14

"We know how LGBT travel can raise awareness both locally and globally, and in that way, we can help to make a difference," said International Gay & Lesbian Travel Association President/CEO John Tanzella 15 Sep 14

Tourism becomes Uganda's main export after it fetched $1.4bn last year 15 Sep 14



Kazakhstan to identify gays by searching for degeneratism in their DNA
"To preserve the Aryan race it was important that blood was not mixed. Hitler was against all those gay people," said Secretary of the People's Communist Party Yelnur Beisenbayev 15 Sep 14

Pennsylvania teenager simulates oral sex with Jesus statue, faces 2 years in prison

Oral Sex With Jesus

Officials charged the teen with desecration of a venerated object, invoking a 1972 Pennsylvania statute that criminalizes "defacing, damaging, polluting or otherwise physically mistreating in a way that the actor knows will outrage the sensibilities of persons likely to observe or discover the action" 15 Sep 14


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Ekaterina Khomenko, a 29-year-old tango instructor murdered in St. Petersburg, throat slashed 13 Sep 14

João Antônio Donati, Brazilian gay teenager found murdered with broken neck in Goiás, Brazil 13 Sep 14

Ahmed Said and Dwone Anderson-Young 'executed' by Ali Muhammad Brown in Seattle 13 Sep 14

Alejandra Leos, transgender woman shot three times and left lying on street outside Memphis home 13 Sep 14

Mpho Gift Makau strangled, hose pipe with running water forced down her throat, raped in South Africa 13 Sep 14

Gay couple burns to death in Detroit home after domestic dispute 13 Sep 14



Tyler Maddick, 20, gay photographer blinded in one eye after hate crime attack in Swansea 14 Sep 14

D.H. German gay rights activist critically injured in Belgrade, bashed with a glass ashtray 14 Sep 14

Connor Huntley, 18, found alive in Margate last May, but with the claw hammer embedded in his head 14 Sep 14



Killer Anthony Craig fights extradition from Ireland

Killer Anthony Craig fights extradition from Ireland Craig had lured accountant John Kirby to a park in Blackburn in 1973 after meeting him at a gay pub in the city. He robbed him of 2p before hitting him over the head with a brick three times 13 Sep 14


My life in gay Soho
Colin Vaines says it was his relentless role as a Soho whinger, lobbing in endless complaints to Westminster Council about noise levels that even he, as a dedicated resident, couldn't quite handle 14 Sep 14



Fifty Shades of Promiscuity

festival of the Mind

University of Sheffield's Festival of the Mind includes four "X Lectures" focusing on the theme of sex and reproduction both in the animal kingdom and in humans
- 18-24 Sep 13 Sep 14

Codebreaker - Special screening of the drama-documentary about the maverick genius Alan Turing
- Wed 24 Sep
festivalofthemind 13 Sep 14



Vogue Ball returns for its 5th birthday

Vogue Ball returns for its 5th birthday

Now an international sensation, The Vogue Ball in Liverpool is a dance event like no other in the UK. Witness the best Vogue teams (known as 'houses') battle it out in a fight for ultimate dance supremacy
- Sat 4 Oct
vogue-ball-2014 13 Sep 14



Hollywood discriminates against gay actors

Hollywood discriminates against gay actors

LGBT thinktank Williams Institute report finds that more than 50% of acting union members consulted by UCLA academics say film-makers are biased against LGBT performers 13 Sep 14

Download Report


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'Save Ulster from Sodomy'

Rev Ian Paisley

The Reverend Ian Paisley has died aged 88. He resisted the decriminalising of homosexuality in Northern Ireland during the 1970s with a high-profile campaign entitled Save Ulster from Sodomy' 12 Sep 14

Martin McGuinness: 'Unionist politicians routinely excuse and defend racism, sectarianism and homophobia'

He even hated line dancing, which he called "sinful" because it "clearly caters to the lust of the flesh"


Government Talent Action Plan aims to remove barriers for LGBT talent in Civil Service

Talent Action Plan

The plan sets out to improve the skills of the Civil Service by removing the obstacles which have limited the numbers from various groups, including from the LGB&T communities
Talent Action Plan 12 Sep 14


More police patrols at Dukes Mound after man spotted by father and son committing sex act

Dukes Mound

On Tuesday, Brighton Police's LGBT team led by PC Rich Bridger and Rory Smith, Tweeted: "Still issues at Dukes Mound - 1 fixed penalty and several warnings issued yesterday afternoon. Please act responsibly! #zipitup." 12 Sep 14



Arsenal Station will have rainbow crossing for Rainbow Laces campaign

Arsenal Station will have rainbow crossing for Rainbow Laces campaign

Transport for London installed a rainbow crossing for a cause that Arsenal FC have already shown their full support for. The campaign sends rainbow-coloured laces to footballers to aid the fight against homophobia 12 Sep 14



Bishop of Galway says he got it 'badly wrong'

Bishop of Galway says he got it 'badly wrong'

Dr Martin Drennan appears to have rowed back on his strong stance on the St Vincent de Paul donation of €45,000 towards a gay resource centre, telling a member of the public that he "got it badly wrong"." My humble apologies for the hurt caused. I got it badly wrong," he said 12 Sep 14


The Catholic League pull out of NYC's St. Patrick's Day Parade

The Catholic League will not march in New York City's St. Patrick's Day Parade

'I have said that gays have no more been banned from marching than pro-life Catholics have: members of both groups can march with other units; they simply can't march under their own banner. Why? Because the parade is not about gays or abortion, or anything other than St. Patrick,' wrote group president Bill Donohue 12 Sep 14



Ian Thorpe's manager denies Ricky Martin rumours

Ian Thorpe's manager denies Ricky Martin rumours

Newsrooms around the country went into overdrive on Friday as rumours spread like wildfire that Ian Thorpe had struck a magazine deal with his alleged lover, pop star Ricky Martin, to do a "tell all" about their supposed romance 12 Sep 14


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Man, 53, arrested over distribution of anti-gay leaflets in Stoke

Sinister monk

Lawyers are now deciding whether to prosecute him after the literature condemning homosexuality was posted through doors around Longton and Fenton. They stopped the 53-year-old suspect in King Street after residents raised the alarm 11 Sep 14



Should there be one world LGBT sports event?

Gay Games survey Federation of Gay Games (FGG) and the Gay and Lesbian International Sports Association (GLISA) have developed this survey to canvas the views of their member organizations worldwide. The purpose of the survey is to establish the parameters for a single joint global event - One World Event (One WE)
Take survey 11 Sep 14



Dates announced for National HIV Testing Week 2014

Terrence Higgins Trust and HIV Prevention England (HPE) are calling on organisations across England to start planning activities to mark the third annual National HIV Testing Week
- 22-30 Nov 11 Sep 14



Men arrested in Egypt 'test negative for homosexuality'

Egypt gay wedding

Men who appeared in a video purporting to show 'Egypt's first gay wedding' were arrested and 'tested' for homosexuality. Precisely what the test involved hasn't been revealed, but it's thought to be an intrusive anal examination 11 Sep 14



Pride In Hull Film Festival

Pride In Hull Film Festival

Event organisers from the Pride in Hull LGBT+ Film Festival are seeking support and contributions towards their first event in which a diverse range of films and documentaries will be shown at Kardomah 94 in Hull
- 19-23 Sep 11 Sep 14


Tom of Finland postcards arrive in UK

Tom of Finland postcards arrive

The first sightings of these leather-themed stamps from Finland Post Office have begun to arrive in the UK
Buy stamps 11 Sep 14


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LGBTI Equality and the Scottish Independence Referendum

The leaders of the main political parties in Scotland have outlined their party's commitments to advancing LGBTI equality following each potential outcome of the Scottish Independence referendum 10 Sep 14



Stunt tests Russia's reaction to Tom of Finland stamps

Tom of Finland test Russian laws

Packages plastered with the iconic homoerotic images have been posted from Finland across the border, to test whether they fall foul of Russia's anti-gay propaganda laws 10 Sep 14

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LGB&T soccer teams host first Rainbow Laces matches

LGB&T soccer teams host first Rainbow Laces matches

In London the Leftfooters lost 0-1 to visitors Cardiff Dragons and the teams wore Rainbow Laces to show their support for the campaign. In the West Midlands Birmingham Blaze beat Devon Lions 5-1
10 Sep 14



Secularists concerned over reinstated anti-gay registrar

Margaret Jones reinstated

Margaret Jones, a registrar at Bedford register office, was sacked after confirming that she would be unwilling to conduct same-sex weddings on the basis of her Christian beliefs. However, Ms Jones was offered her job back after an internal appeal hearing found her employer had not taken a 'balanced view' of her beliefs 10 Sep 14


Coronation Street's first ever real-life wedding

Paul Johnston (right) and Andy Daniel have become the first people to get married on Coronation Street

Couple Andy Daniel and Paul Johnston made history as the first to be wed inside the Rovers Return pub at the old Granada Studios in Manchester. The set, where Corrie was filmed for 53 years, is now home to the soap's official visitor attraction, and bosses successfully won a wedding licence in June
manchestereveningnews 10 Sep 14


Sara Gilbert expecting baby with musician wife Linda Perry

Sara Gilbert expecting baby with musician wife Linda Perry

The Big Bang Theory star married her partner in March. Gilbert revealed her pregnancy on daytime talk show The Talk yesterday, after being dared to lie on a bed of nails and have a cinderblock broken on her stomach as part of a 'Face your Fears' segment 10 Sep 14



Egypt should release seven men arrested for allegedly "inciting debauchery"

Egypt gay wedding

Human Rights Watch called for their release after Prosecutor General Hisham Barakat ordered the men detained and "physically examined" after an online video emerged showing the men attending what appeared to be a same-sex marriage ceremony
10 Sep 14



Carnival features Clare Balding and M People's Heather Small

Anti-bullying charity Diversity Role Model's annual fundraiser is sponsored by Accenture, Bank of America Merrill Lynch and Norton Rose Fulbright, and is coming to Café de Paris
- Wed 29 Oct
Buy tickets 10 Sep 14


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MP Nigel Evans reselected to stand in General Election

Nigel Evans reselected

Mr Evans, 56, was chosen after a secret ballot during a meeting in Clitheroe, Lancashire, with members of the local Conservative Association. He resigned the party whip and sat as an independent MP as he fought a number of sexual offences, of which he was cleared
9 Sep 14


Ed Miliband hires openly gay broadcaster Matthew Laza for new Labour broadcast role

Ed Miliband hires openly gay broadcaster Matthew Laza Laza, whose BBC career has also included stints at The Politics Show and The One Show, will work across the party generally but have a specific focus on handling Miliband's TV presence 9 Sep 14

Margate gay flatmate hammer attacker sentenced to 14 years

Connor Huntley - Margate gay flatmate hammer attacker sentenced to 14 years

Connor Huntley, 18, was found alive on his bed, but with the claw hammer embedded in his head in May last year. Joseph Williams, 21, of Cliftonville, Margate, had made disparaging remarks about gay men, the Old Bailey was told 9 Sep 14


First gay clergy member to marry in UK sues Church of England after sacking

Jeremy Pemberton sues Church of England after sacking

Canon Jeremy Pemberton, 58, formerly a hospital chaplain, was the first member of the clergy to enter into a same-sex marriage, when he wed his partner Laurence Cunnington in April. He was later sacked for doing so, and has now begun legal proceedings against the Church of England 9 Sep 14



Stonewall FC win the Gay Games


For the 9th time, Stonewall FC have won the IGLFA World Cup and for the 4th consecutive time have come back with gold from the Gay Games. Absolute unprecedented success for Stonewall FC and the current manager Eric Najib 9 Sep 14



Polari First Book Prize shortlist announced

Polari First Book Prize shortlist announced for 2014

The 2014 shortlist for a first book which explores the LGBT experience:

- I Am Nobody's Nigger by Dean Atta (Westbourne Press)

- Petite Mort by Beatrice Hitchman (Serpent's Tail)

- Fairytales for Lost Children by Diriye Osman (Team Angelica)

- God's Other Children - A London Memoir by Vernal W. Scott (self-published)

- The Rubbish Lesbian by Sarah Westwood (Mimwood Press).

This year, for the first time, the five shortlisted books will be displayed at selected WH Smiths travel outlets across the country 9 Sep 14



Sexual addiction in a gay muslim's life

Transmissions at The Lowry

The themes of sexual addiction and family in the context of a gay muslim's life, are explored by Manchester-based writer, performance artist and intensive care doctor, Tuheen Huda, in his interactive, autobiographical solo show Pandamonium, at The Lowry Studio, Manchester
- 23-24 Oct 9 Sep 14




More gay groups to apply for New York Paddy's Day parade
'I won't say that it is possible that we would consider another group,' say organisers 9 Sep 14



Gambia passes bill imposing life sentences for some homosexual acts

Gambia's president, Yahya Jammeh

Gambia's president, Yahya Jammeh, has said that gay and lesbian people should leave the country or be beheaded 9 Sep 14




Gay culture is dying. Good riddance!
Should the wider LGBTQ community really be spending time, energy, and emotional bandwidth on pleas to preserve gay spaces? 9 Sep 14

Tom of Finland stamps are biggest seller ever

Tom of Finland stamps

Stamps designed as a tribute to homoerotic artist and gay icon Touko Laaksonen - also known as Tom of Finland - went on sale Monday. According to the postal service company Posti, the risqué stamps are the country's biggest seller ever, with pre-orders made in 178 different countries 9 Sep 14

Buy stamps


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Tamworth gay couple first in UK to marry at Spiritualist Church

Yvonne and Susan Pace

Yvonne and Susan Pace were married by Karen Line-Jones, president of Tamworth Church , who said: "Spiritualism has always been an incredibly forward-thinking religion and for years the SNU has fully supported the new legislation coming into force 8 Sep 14


Iowa women get married after 72 years together

Vivian Boyack, left, and Alice "Nonie" Dubes

More than seven decades after beginning their relationship, Vivian Boyack, 91, and Alice "Nonie" Dubes, 90, have gotten married. Dubes said over the years they have traveled to all 50 states, all the provinces of Canada, and to England twice 8 Sep 14


Martina Navratilova proposes during the US Open men's semifinals

Martina Navratilova proposed to girlfriend Julia Lemigova

Tennis great Martina Navratilova proposed to her girlfriend Julia Lemigova on the big screen of Arthur Ashe Stadium between the US Open men's semifinals on Saturday 8 Sep 14


Neil Patrick Harris and David Burtka get married in Italy

Neil Patrick Harris and David Burtka get married in Italy

How I Met Your Mother star Neil Patrick Harris and David Burtka tied the knot in Italy on Saturday after dating for more than ten years 8 Sep 14



Celebrating gay pride around the world - your photos

Uganda Pride on the shores of Lake Victoria It's been a mixed year for LGBT activists - in Uganda there has been some cause for celebration, but in Ukraine, others have suffered grave setbacks - but pride marches have continued to expand worldwide. We asked you to share your pictures, here's our pick of the best
8 Sep 14


Totnes hosts the UK's largest rural Pride event

Totnes Pride

Proud2Be laid on a host of event including speeches from Mayor of Totnes, Jacqi Hodgson, Peter Tatchell and Christine Burns, who together with award-winning Samba ROC Band, then led a procession up Fore Street and High Street to Totnes Civic Hall - video
torquayheraldexpress 8 Sep 14



Lesbians aren't lesbians because they couldn't get a man

Alice Arnold  says  Lesbians aren't lesbians because they couldn't get a man

When will the myths about gay people finally die a death? Alice Arnold is aghast at a new American study focusing on lesbians and their weight 8 Sep 14



Chicago named top travel destination for closeted gay men

Boystown Chicago polled over 5,000 "male members seeking male travel companions" and found that, of the 41% "who were in fact closeted", the most popular destination is Chicago followed by Sydney 8 Sep 14




Scott Mills insists Strictly Come Dancing bosses haven't bowed to homophobia

The Radio One star defended the show's bosses for teaming him up with Joanne Clifton amid rumours that his partner was set to be Anton De Beke 8 Sep 14



THT puts on a feast for foodies in Supper Club silent auction

Supper Club at Home A chocolate making master class with acclaimed chocolatier Paul A Young, dinner at home catered by Michelin starred chef Angela Hartnett, and the chance to create a bespoke brownie flavour with Bad Brownie are among the lots on offer in a silent auction to raise funds for HIV and sexual health charity Terrence Higgins Trust 8 Sep 14


NYC Gay Men's Chorus performs at funeral for Joan Rivers

NYC Gay Men's Chorus performs at funeral for Joan Rivers Howard Stern delivered the eulogy, Broadway singer-actress Audra McDonald sang "Smile" and bagpipers played "New York, New York" at Joan Rivers' funeral Sunday, a star-studded send-off that - like the late comedian herself - brought together the worlds of Hollywood, theater, fashion and media 8 Sep 14



GBA Gay Business Association member:





Gay police officers still fear for their careers, poll shows

Gay Police Association experienced discrimination

A survey of 1,300 senior police officers by the Police Superintendents' Association of England and Wales (PSAEW) found four out of 10 lesbian or gay superintendents and chief superintendents have "experienced discrimination in the policing workplace" 7 Sep 14


Teacher Emily Fox, 26, jailed for having a sexual relationship with 15-year-old girl

Emily Fox

Emily Fox - who taught PE at the Royal Masonic School for Girls in Rickmansworth, Hertfordshire, exchanged hundreds of "sexually explicit" messages with the 15-year-old girl - has been jailed for 15 months 7 Sep 14


UK consul-general Brian Davidson marries same-sex partner in Beijing

Brian Davidson and his husband, Scott Chang

In what is likely the first high-profile same-sex marriage to be conducted by the diplomatic mission of a foreign country in China, the UK's consul-general in Shanghai, Brian Davidson, married his same-sex partner, Scott Chang, an American citizen 7 Sep 14



Grindr permanently disables distance function

Grindr permanently disables distance function

"In light of recent security allegations surrounding a user's specific location, Grindr has made modifications to no longer show distance information for users. Grindr will continue to make ongoing changes to keep all users secure, as necessary." 7 Sep 14



Men arrested after 'Egypt's first gay marriage' video

Egypt gay wedding

Egypt's prosecutor general has ordered the arrest of nine men for four days pending investigations after appearing in a video that had depicted a 'gay marriage' ceremony on a Nile boat - the speedy investigation is aimed at "safeguarding the values of society and implementing justice." 7 Sep 14


Jamaicans For Justice dismisses claims that it has been captured by homosexual lobby

Dr Barry Wade

Dr Barry Wade, the recently installed chairman of the human-rights entity Jamaicans For Justice, has rejected claims that the lobby group has sold out to the LGBT community - 'to link the board to any gay agenda is just ridiculous' 7 Sep 14


GBA Gay Business Association member:





Men who used gay website Grindr to ensnare would-be paedophiles jailed for four years each


The pair posed as an under-aged boy to lure two users of the Grindr website to meet for sex. But both victims were horrified when they met up instead with blackmailers Nathanael Foster and Adam Webb of Gloucester who demanded £15,000 from one and £10,000 from the other to keep quiet about their paedophile interests 6 Sep 14


Ex-paramedic who claimed he was gay to get close to his victims gets 12 years

Christopher Bridger

An ex-paramedic who claimed he was gay to get close to his victims has been sentenced to 12 years in prison for rape and sexual assaults against three women, some of which took place at locations in Surrey 6 Sep 14



Catholic school students first to take part in Newry gay pride

Jarlath Burns

Jarlath Burns, principal of St. Paul's High School in Co. Armagh and BBC gaelic football pundit, defended his decision to march with a group of senior pupils. "At St Paul's, we celebrate diversity. It is a welcoming place where all students can feel comfortable." 6 Sep 14



Google VP Megan Smith gets top White House tech job

Megan Smith

Megan will be the next Chief Technology Officer and Assistant to the President. She was previously CEO at PlanetOut, an interactive media company serving the gay and lesbian community 6 Sep 14



Millions of people go purple

Spirit Day 19 October 2012 anti-bullying day

Eight out of 10. That's the number of LGBT youth who report being bullied. That's unacceptable, and it's why I'll be wearing purple for Spirit Day
- Thu 16 Oct
6 Sep 14



Composer Sandy Wilson dies

Sandy Wilson dies

The reported inspiration for Sandy - as in Julian and Sandy, the camp couple from Round The Horn - and composer of hit musical The Boyfriend, has died aged 90. He is survived by his life partner, Chak Yui 6 Sep 14

Angelo Electrician


19-23 September 2014
Pride In Hull Film Festival
Pride In Hull Film Festival

28 August - 28 SeptemberBriefs - the second coming
Southbank, London
london wonderground

gaytoz Pride Calendar 2014

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Joan Rivers
6 of our favorite queer Joan Rivers moments

Our hearts collectively broke earlier today when we learned that Joan Rivers passed away at the age of 81. The gay icon reportedly stopped breathing during a procedure on her vocal cords at a clinic last week and had been in and out of intensive care since the incident
5 Sep 14


Michael Sam gets 2nd chance on Cowboys' practice squadMichael Sam gets 2nd chance on Cowboys' practice squad
The Dallas Cowboys have added NFL's first openly gay player Sam four days after he was released by St. Louis Rams when teams had to cut their rosters to 53 players 4 Sep 14


Alfie Moore
"I'm in a same-sex marriage... the sex is always the same."

Alfie Moore makes the Top 10 funniest jokes of the Edinburgh Fringe 1 Sep 14


Kevin Devine and John Lynch were on holidays when they drowned off the coast of Crete
Tributes paid to Irishmen who drowned off coast of Crete

Irish civil servant Kevin Devine, 46, was holidaying with his musician partner John Lynch, 45, and the bodies of both men were recovered from the sea off the island of Crete 1 Sep 14


Stuart Hatton Jr
United Kingdom wins Mr Gay World

Stuart Hatton Jr, 29, from the Manchester was a strong candidate throughout the whole competition 31 Aug 14


Paul Ross admits he cheated with man he met dogging
Married BBC presenter Paul Ross admits he cheated with man he met dogging

Paul Ross has confessed to a gay affair with a man he met at a dogging spot after becoming hooked on the drug meow meow which he snorted off the man's face. The 57-year-old, who is the older brother of chat show host Jonathan Ross and a father-of-five, has admitted to cheating on his wife of 10 years with former English teacher Barry Olivier 31 Aug 14


Kerry Byrnes
Young gay woman injured in homophobic attack determined to join police at Leicester Pride march

Kerry Byrnes will walk alongside members of Leicestershire Police's LGBT network in the event's centrepiece parade through the city centre
- Sat 30 Aug 29 Aug 14


Daniel Ashley-Pierce
Donations pour in for gay man after family allegedly attacks him on video

When Daniel Ashley Pierce posted his video "How not to react when your child tells you that he's gay", over 200 people pledged to help him after his Christian family kicked him out 29 Aug 14


Scott Mills for Strictly Come Dancing
Radio 1's Scott Mills to appear on Strictly
"Whatever happens, I'm really looking forward to the weekly fake tans," said the gay DJ 26 Aug 14



TUC Staying Alive
Lesbian and gay groups face funding crisis

LGBT voluntary and community organisations suffer disproportionately from coalition cuts, TUC 'Staying Alive' report shows 3 Sep 14

Rainbow Teaching
New LGBT+ resource site for teachers

LGBT+ inclusion extends far beyond PSHE and into the language that teachers use, the policies they adopt, the activities they include in lessons 2 Sep 14


Come Out To Play LGBT sports research

Research reveals distress of gay students on the sports field
80% of school students have experienced casual homophobia in PE lessons while a quarter have been physically abused by classmates during school sporting activities, new research into depression and anxiety has found 11 Aug 14

Download report 11 Aug 14

LGBT Human Rights in Africa report

Report on Human Rights for LGBT Africans published
In advance of President Barack Obama's upcoming US-Africa Leaders Summit with nearly 50 African heads of state, Human Rights First and the Human Rights Campaign Foundation released a report that provides brief country-specific overviews on the status of LGBT people in each of the continent's 54 nations | Download Report 30 Jul 14

Planning for later life

LGB people grow older fearing discrimination and isolation
poll shows that 48% of LGB people fear discrimination when dealing with bereavement while 55% of those over the age of 45 have no financial provision for their funeral. Shockingly, one in ten say they have experienced discrimination at a funeral or when arranging one 17 Jul 14

Download guide


Blast resources to protect boys from grooming

Resources to tackle the grooming of young men
The BLAST Project
- the UK's leading male only sexual exploitation project - has launched a range of posters and booklets, and a guide for professionals 1 Apr 14


Stonewall guide to activists worldwide

Guide for international activists
Stonewall launches a guide for equality activists worldwide on how to engage with the UK Government 10 Dec 13

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Effects of stress on mental health of sexual minorities to be studied

Effects of stress on mental health of sexual minorities to be studied

The King's College London study is to look at the effects of the stress associated with being a gender and/or sexual minority on mental health and well-being
Take Survey 18 Aug 14

GMFA Think Again

GMFA asks young gay men to 'Think Again' about HIV
In 2012 there were more gay men diagnosed with HIV than in any previous year, and a third of these men were in their teens or twenties. GMFA's new campaign aims to get young gay men thinking, talking and taking action about HIV and sexual safety 24 Apr 14
May 14

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Putin is Village People Macho Man

Russia's anti-gay law
Spelled out in plain English 31 Aug 13

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What's it like to be gay around the world

What is it like to be gay around the world?
Russia introduces an anti-gay law, while Britain makes marriage legal. Read personal stories of what's it like to be gay around the world in 2013 15 Nov 13


Charities and Campaigns

Support your favourite LGBT charity - We profile over 20 UK charities that could do with your help
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Alan Turing Institute

Alan Turing Institute to be set up

to research big data, the chancellor has announced in his Budget speech. The government will provide £45m over five years for the project to focus on new ways of collecting, organising and analysing large sets of data 20 Mar 14


Alan Turing

The Alan Turing (Statutory Pardon) Bill clears the Lords
and will now be considered by the Commons. "The view the Government took in the Lords is one I would expect us to reflect in this House too," said Commons Leader Andrew Lansley 1 Nov 13

Codebreak The Alan Turing Story DVD

The Alan Turing Story
now available on DVD - "a powerful, moving and truthful account of Turing's life, his work and his achievements"
Buy DVD 13 Nov 13

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