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Stonewall and Trans campaigner meeting

UK Trans Info

On Saturday 30 August Stonewall met with a group of campaigners from trans communities to listen to their views on how Stonewall can best support the trans movement 2 Sep 14



YES Scotland launch LGBTI declaration

YES Scotland launch LGBTI declaration

'Independence offers Scotland a unique opportunity to secure the powers and resources we need to ensure full equality for LGBT people here and to play our role in promoting human rights around the world,' said Kirsty MacAlpine, co-convener of Yes LGBT 2 Sep 14


New LGBT+ resource site for teachers

Rainbow Teaching

LGBT+ inclusion extends far beyond PSHE and into the language that teachers use, the policies they adopt, the activities they include in lessons 2 Sep 14



First ever rainbow crossing in a rural area

The Proud2Be Project successfully raised over £400 to ensure their rainbow crossing is ready for Totnes Pride this Saturday
- Sat 6 Sep 2 Sep 14



Exposure to hate speech on Facebook undermines users' mental health

Out Online

Researchers at Rome's Sapienza University found that social networking sites like Facebook have a negative impact on individuals' mental well-being, as well as their levels of social trust, because of their exposure to hate speech and other offensive content 2 Sep 14

LGBT youth turn to the internet for social support but also find cyberbullying 2 Sep 14



Michael Sam: Out of the Closet, Out of the NFL?

Risk-averse corporate executives unwilling to improve their team because they fear that the "distraction" of openly gay linebacker Michael Sam is not worth the effort 2 Sep 14



Intervision moved to Spring: will clash with Eurovision?


Russia has moved the Eurovision Song Contest rival event from October 2014 to the Spring of 2015, with the intention of holding it in Sochi. Promoters says there will be 'no space for LGBT culture' 2 Sep 14


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"I'm in a same-sex marriage... the sex is always the same."

Alfie Moore Alfie Moore makes the Top 10 funniest jokes of the Edinburgh Fringe 1 Sep 14


70 couples take their vows at London mass wedding event

70 couples take their vows at London mass wedding event

The Southbank art centre's Festival of Love, which is culminating with the Big Wedding Weekend, hosted about 6,000 guests who were invited by the couples 1 Sep 14


Victory for Christian sacked over gay weddings

Margaret Jones

Margaret Jones, 54, who had been dismissed for "bringing the council into disrepute", was offered her job back after an appeal hearing ruled that her employer had failed to take a "balanced view" of her religious beliefs 1 Sep 14



Parade of colour takes over city for Leicester Pride

Leicester Pride red balloons

Around 700 people met outside Curve theatre to kick off the parade at midday, before making their way through the city centre. The streets were lined with rainbow banners as the most flamboyant parade in Leicester's social calendar reached Victoria Park 1 Sep 14


Grimsby partygoers celebrate differences and unity in our community

Grimsby Pride

Councillor Cliff Barber, deputy mayor for North East Lincolnshire, officially opened Grimsby Pride 2014. An estimated crowd of about 2,000 people enjoyed the singing acts, including favourites Bears Aloud 1 Sep 14


Colour and glamour from the 11th year of Reading Pride

Reading Pride

The colour and exuberance of Reading Pride was captured by Dave Cole this weekend in another great gallery. Headline acts included X Factor finalist Sam Callahan, Amanda Wilson of the Freemasons, and local favourite Nicolette Street 1 Sep 14


Fantastic day in Cassiobury Park in Watford

Fantastic day in Cassiobury Park in Watford

Organisers thank everyone for making Herts Pride a great suucess 1 Sep 14



Polari grant will fund a national tour in the Autumn


The LGBT literary salon Polari tour will include events in Brighton, Homotopia in Liverpool, shOUT in Birmingham and the Manchester Literature Festival and will feature the best in established and emerging LGBT literary talent. It will also help to promote The Polari First Book Prize
- 16 venues nationwide
- 25 Sep - 26 Nov 1 Sep 14



How proud is the Proud Whopper?

Burger King's Proud Whopper

The new slogan "Be your way" was part of a Burger King Proud Whopper project. Is it actually what the company believes, or is this corporate lip service? 1 Sep 14



Federal study on lesbian obesity costs $3 million

lesbian obesity

The study to determine why 75 percent of lesbian women are obese, and gay men are not, has totaled nearly $3 million. They determined that gay males had a "greater desire for toned muscles" than straight men, while lesbians have lower "athletic self-esteem" 1 Sep 14



Tributes paid to Irishmen who drowned off coast of Crete

Kevin Devine and John Lynch were on holidays when they drowned off the coast of Crete

Irish civil servant Kevin Devine, 46, was holidaying with his musician partner John Lynch, 45, and the bodies of both men were recovered from the sea off the island of Crete 1 Sep 14


Robert Mugabe says he prefers Chinese aid because Beijing does not force him to accept homosexuality

Robert Mugabe

Mr Mugabe's comments came during a trip to China in which he was trying to generate support for Zimbabwe's crumbling economy
1 Sep 14


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United Kingdom wins Mr Gay World

Stuart Hatton Jr

Stuart Hatton Jr, 29, from the Manchester was a strong candidate throughout the whole competition 31 Aug 14



Oakland comes out with its own version of Gay Pride Parade

Joe Hawkins - Oakland comes out with its own version of Gay Pride Parade

"We had some leather groups from San Francisco who wanted to come, and we politely declined. We want to keep this G-rated," said Carlos Uribe, one of the organizers. "We don't want to compete with San Francisco Pride, we just want to offer a more family-friendly, diverse celebration. Sort of an end-of-summer bookend to SF Pride." 31 Aug 14



Sydney Convicts retain gay Rugby World Cup

Sydney Convicts retain gay Rugby World Cup

The Sydney Convicts have retained the Bingham Cup - the gay and inclusive Rugby World Cup - in a 31-0 grand final thrashing of the Brisbane Hustlers in Sydney 31 Aug 14

London's Kings Cross Steelers were defeated by the Brisbane Hustlers by six points in the second semi-final - a bad-tempered affair that witnessed the first red card of the tournament


Michael Sam, NFL's first openly gay player, is cut by St. Louis Rams

Michael Sam

The St. Louis Rams have pushed the pause button on the football career of rookie linebacker Michael Sam. Sam, the NFL's first openly gay player, was released Saturday in the final round of cuts, just missing a spot on the team's 53-man roster 31 Aug 14

The Rams decision to cut Michael Sam came down to his football skills. He was good, but nine other defensive lineman were better



Over $90,000 raised for Daniel Pierce after video goes viral

Daniel Ashley-Pierce

A man who was allegedly disowned by his family after they confronted him about being gay in a "delayed intervention" has received over $90,000 (£54,000) in donations within just three days to cover his living expenses 31 Aug 14


Married BBC presenter Paul Ross admits he cheated with man he met dogging

Paul Ross admits he cheated with man he met dogging

Paul Ross has confessed to a gay affair with a man he met at a dogging spot after becoming hooked on the drug meow meow which he snorted off the man's face. The 57-year-old, who is the older brother of chat show host Jonathan Ross and a father-of-five, has admitted to cheating on his wife of 10 years with former English teacher Barry Olivier 31 Aug 14



'Gayborhoods' fade with growing acceptance of LGBT

'Gayborhoods' fade with growing acceptance of LGBT

In the midst of 20 straight wins in federal courts for same-sex marriage and polling that demonstrates Americans' growing acceptance of LGBT people, scholars and demographers say there are signs that the draw of the so-called gayborhood is fading away 31 Aug 14


US TV host and ex-Suffolk teacher shot dead

US TV host and ex-Suffolk teacher shot dead

Scott Rogers, 52, a presenter for WAFB-TV, and former Suffolk dance school teacher was shot dead by his son-in-law at his home in Louisiana, police have said. Witness statements suggested Mr Hodgkinson was both Mr Rogers' son-in-law and former lover 31 Aug 14



Gay rights activist withdraws challenge to Jamaican laws

Javed Jaghai

Javed Jaghai, who brought an unprecedented legal challenge to the Caribbean island's anti-sodomy law, has withdrawn the claim after growing fearful about violent backlashes, advocacy groups and colleagues said Friday 31 Aug 14



BBC's edit of Doctor Who without lesbian kiss rankles gay groups in Hong Kong

Madame Vastra

The BBC has been accused of overcautious self-censorship for cutting a lesbian kiss scene. Thousands of fans missed out on the kiss between lizard-woman Madame Vastra and her human wife Jenny Flint, which the BBC says was cut to comply with broadcasting regulations in Asia 31 Aug 14


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Devon couple campaign over conversion of civil partnerships into full marriages

Devon couple campaign over conversion of civil partnerships into full marriages

Jakki and Sheila Livesey-van Dorst said they had a "very positive" meeting with the minister responsible for equal marriage after presenting a 40,000-strong petition to Nick Boles who they said "listened well" to their views 30 Aug 14


You can't deport me ... I am gay

Alvin Brissett

Jamaican thug's plea moments before being put on a plane stops him being kicked out ... Alvin Brissett has 18 convictions and was told he must return to Jamaica 30 Aug 14


British woman 'held captive in Congo to cure her of being gay'

British woman 'held captive in Congo to cure her of being gay'

Christina Fonthes, 27, a translator and LGBT activist from Manchester went to Kinshasa on a family visit ... But shortly into a stay her passport was taken by her mother. She was told the family wanted to keep her in Congo so that her sexuality could be "fixed" 30 Aug 14



Stonewall to begin three-month consultation period on trans issues
The charity has invited the trans community to give comments on feedback on how it may become involved with tackling issues faced by the trans community, as well as gay, lesbian and bisexual people. The first meeting will take place this Saturday in London 30 Aug 14

What happened at Stonewall's first meeting with the trans community? 31 Aug 14



Free webinar on China's growing LGBT market

CMI China Survey

Community Marketing & Insights recently conducted a breakthrough study on the Chinese LGBT market, with over 7,500 participants. This brief review by CMI President Thomas Roth explores opportunities for growth in the Chinese LGBT market, as well as a "local's" perspective from Lu Xun, CMI's Research Manager and China Expert
- 6-7pm BST, 10-11am PDT, Wed 17 Sep
Free Registration 30 Aug 14



Welsh premiere for Pride film about the miners' strike and gay community

Lesbians and Gays support the miners in PRIDE

The film tells the inspirational story of the unlikely link up between London based gay and lesbians and miners from the Dulais Valley. The Welsh premiere of Pride will be held on Thursday, September 4, in Swansea's Vue cinema before it hits cinemas on 12 September 30 Aug 14


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Young gay woman injured in homophobic attack determined to join police at Leicester Pride march

Kerry Byrnes

Kerry Byrnes will walk alongside members of Leicestershire Police's LGBT network in the event's centrepiece parade through the city centre
- Sat 30 Aug 29 Aug 14

City's Gay Pride march will be 'event for all the family'


Gay Ryanair cabin steward jailed for sex attack on straight man

Iain Fisher

Iain Fisher preyed on the 22-year-old victim at a party, and was sentenced to a year in jail and put on the sex offenders' register indefinitely 29 Aug 14


Police hunting anti-gay pamphleteers: one dressed as a monk

Police hunting anti-gay pamphleteers: one dressed as a monk

The propagandists, who posted the brown leaflets through Harborough, Leicestershire, letterboxes on Tuesday, have been angrily criticised by residents as "hateful bigots" 29 Aug 14


Ofcom responds to 'inappropriate' lesbian kiss in Dr Who complaints

Madame Vastra

Six viewers had expressed concern over an "inappropriate" scene involving lizard-woman Madame Vastra and her human wife Jenny Flint. Ofcom said: "Our rules do not discriminate between scenes involving opposite sex and same sex couples"
29 Aug 14


Jersey asks islanders about equal marriage

states of Jersey

The States Assembly asked the Chief Minister to investigate whether it was appropriate that same-sex marriage legislation should be introduced in Jersey, and requested that the Chief Minister report back to the Assembly by the end of December 2014 29 Aug 14



Donations pour in for gay man after family allegedly attacks him on video

Daniel Ashley-Pierce When Daniel Ashley Pierce posted his video "How not to react when your child tells you that he's gay", over 200 people pledged to help him after his Christian family kicked him out 29 Aug 14



Watch Mr Gay World live

Mr Gay World 2014 finalists

The new Mr Gay World is going to receive his sash and trophy at the Grand Finale at Gay Village in Rome, Italy. You can follow the event online at a free live feed at MrGayMedia
- Sat 30 Aug 29 Aug 14


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Acid attacker jailed after injuring six outside Vauxhall club

Jonathan Lynn

Jonathan Lynn was jailed for attacking six people with acid outside the Lightbox nightclub in Vauxhall. The Judge said it was a 'vile, violent, cowardly and disgraceful attack' which had 'wrecked a number of people's lives'  28 Aug 14


Former Tory Chairman to appear at Prowler Soho

Lord Fowler will appear at Prowler Soho, 5-7 Brewer Street London W1F 0RF, to sign his book - AIDS Don't Die of Prejudice -
30% of proceeds from Norman Fowler's book sold on the day will be donated to AVERT, GMFA and Positive East
- 6-8pm Thu 28 Aug
Buy Book  28 Aug 14


Social services minister books out parliament room for anti-gay marriage conference

Social services minister books out parliament room for anti-gay marriage conference

Kevin Andrews MP won't attend 'strengthening the family' conference which has links to controversial Christian group World Congress of Families  28 Aug 14



Nearly 3 in 10 worldwide see their areas as good for gays

Good place to live Nearly three in 10 adults (28%) across 123 countries in 2013 say their city or area is a "good place" for gay or lesbian people to live, but hospitable attitudes range widely from as high as 83% in the Netherlands to as low as 1% in Pakistan and Senegal  28 Aug 14



Fusion: The queer cultural diversity media festival

Marcus Collins will host Queer Media's Fusion with short films and speakers, aiming to promote LGBT visibility and storytelling by telling empowering and inspirational stories of people in the black, Asian and ethnic minority LGBT community through different mediums
- Salford, Sun 19 Oct
Tickets  28 Aug 14



'Father Hunger' Doesn't Mean You're Gay

Father Hunger

The theory underlying reparative therapy is that men who "act homosexual" do so because they weren't fathered well. Once this "father hunger" is satisfied, their homosexuality will disappear and their innate heterosexuality will surface. This is nonsense  28 Aug 14


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Male model tells how face 'melted' in acid attack outside London nightclub
Jonathan Lynn Pariche Frith, 21, thought his face was "melting" and believed would never be able walk down the catwalk again after a noxious liquid was sprayed in his face. He was one of four men attacked by Jonathan Lynn, 31, pictured outside Lightbox, a gay club in Vauxhall, on June 8 this year 27 Aug 14

Transgender charity secures lottery funding

Gendered Intelligence

One of the UK's few trans-focussed charities, Gendered Intelligence, has secured a £10,000 lottery grant to provide a series of workshops for young transgender people, which will provide them with support in their transition, as well as tackling prejudice 27 Aug 14

Gender-neutral Passports proposed in early day motion 27 Aug 14



American LGBT more likely than non-LGBT to be uninsured
American LGBT more likely than non-LGBT to be uninsured LGBT adults are more likely to lack a personal doctor and enough money for healthcare, a new Gallup poll finds 27 Aug 14


The rise of pride marketing and the curse of 'pink washing'

Virgin America at pride parade Even queer products for a straight audience have become mainstream - used to sell anything from fast food to credit cards, clothing to eReaders - but it's not clear whether this is a real "win win" for the market and the LGBT community 27 Aug 14


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Sex education should start at seven, Lib Dems say
pigtailsThe party said the "age-appropriate" lessons would be part of a "curriculum for life", which would also include money management and citizenship 26 Aug 14

Image taken on victim's smartphone and sent to police

Police in Waltham Forest are trying to trace a man accused of verbally abusing a gay man.Police in Waltham Forest are trying to trace a man accused of verbally abusing a gay man. Suspect 155078 is wanted in connection with harassment in Leyton High Road and St George's Road area betweeen January and June this year 26 Aug 14


Gay men debate using Truvada as pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP) against HIV
Gay men debate using Truvada as pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP) against HIV

These exchanges aren't always informed or eloquent, and they aren't always without the cloud of shame that has tended to hang over any discussion about gay men's sexuality since before the AIDS epidemic. But they are, by and large, marked by honesty 26 Aug 14

AIDS Healthcare Foundation launches ad campaign against PrEP 26 Aug 14


Support a rainbow crossing in Totnes
Support a rainbow crossing in Totnes

Proud2Be are appealing for funds for a rainbow crossing that will put Totnes on the map as a town that celebrates equality and diversity. It will be the first of its kind for a rural town 26 Aug 14

gaytoz Pride Calendar 2014


Russian poetry and Kazakh music heavyweights in gay smooch
The poster - by Havas Worldwide Kazakhstan advertising agency with an image of great Kazakh composer Kurmangazy Sagyrbayuly and one of the greatest Russian poets Alexander Pushkin - promotes Studio 69, a gay bar and club located at the intersection of Kurmangazy and Pushkin streets in Almaty, the largest city in Kazakhstan 26 Aug 14



Giovanni's Room has found new life - and a new name - under a new proprietor
Giovanni's Room has found new life - and a new name - under a new proprietor

The Philadelphia AIDS Thrift, a non-profit thrift store dedicated to raising funds for AIDS organizations in the Philadelphia region, will be the new proprietor for Giovanni's Room, which closed its doors earlier this year after nearly four decades as the USA's oldest gay bookshop 26 Aug 14

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Radio 1's Scott Mills to appear on Strictly Come Dancing
Scott Mills for Strictly Come Dancing"Whatever happens, I'm really looking forward to the weekly fake tans," said the gay DJ 26 Aug 14

The 66th Annual Primetime Emmy Awards

The Normal Heart , Larry Kramer's play about early days of the AIDS crisis in New York City wins Emmy for: Best Television Movie

The Normal Heart, Larry Kramer's play about the early days of the AIDS crisis in New York City wins: Best Television Movie

Modern Family wins: Best Comedy

Jim Parsons, fourth-time win for Lead Actor, Comedy: The Big Bang Theory 26 Aug 14

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Schema interior design

Angelo Electrician


29 August - 7 September 2014
Limerick Pride - Ireland

Saturday 6 September 2014
Totnes Pride
Totnes Pride - Proud2be

Sunday 7 September 2014
Barnsley Gay Pride 2014
Barnsley Gay Pride

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Parents beat 8-year-old Gabriel to death because he played with dolls
Parents beat 8-year-old to death because he played with dolls

Fernandez and Aguirre Hernandez called Gabriel gay, punished him when he played with dolls and forced him to wear girls' clothes to school, his siblings said 21 Aug 14


Anthony Cotton
Coronation Street actor Antony Cotton received years abuse from gay community for 'camp' character Sean Tully

Antony Cotton told a conference at Manchester Pride's fringe festival: "I get a lot of stick from people who say, and these are people who are 21 years old, 'You've put the gay cause back 21 years,'" he said 21 Aug 14


Robin Williams plays a gay man
Robin Williams struggles with being gay in one of his final roles
stars Williams as a married man who confronts his sexuality late in life. While this is certainly not the first time Williams played gay on screen, it's certainly the most disturbing 20 Aug 14


Deborah Gold at NAT
Deborah Gold has been appointed as Chief Executive of NAT

Deborah was Chief Executive of Galop, the LGBT anti-violence and abuse charity, from 2007 to 2013 and has also worked at Stonewall Housing, Shelter and the London Voluntary Services Council. 'The challenges of ensuring equal access to care means that there is much for the National AIDS Trust to do,' she said 15 Aug 14


David Weston
Teacher receives unexpected email four years after coming out in school assembly

If David Weston ever had any doubts regarding the impact of his announcement, they were put to rest this week when he received an email from a former pupil 14 Aug 14


Trevor Burgess, CEO of C1 Financial (left), with his husband, Gary Hess
Meet the only openly gay CEO of a Public Company

Trevor Burgess (left, with husband Gary Hess) will become the only openly gay CEO of a publicly traded company when his Florida bank C1 Financial Inc. debuts on the stock exchange 14 Aug 14


Vicky Beeching
Vicky Beeching, Christian rock star: 'I'm gay. God loves me just the way I am'

Beeching's God-fearing lyrics are sung by millions in America's Bible Belt. Here, the singer and religious commentator discusses her sexuality for the first time and reflects on the political ramifications of coming out as a lesbian 14 Aug 14


Jake Morrison
Councillor discovers his pictures being used by troll offering gay sex for cash

Gay Liverpool Councilor Jake Morrison, 21, said it was "disturbing" that his photos had been stolen by an imposter on Grindr to solicit sex for £40 a time 13 Aug 14


Lionel Blair
I put a man in hospital for calling me a 'fairy'

Happily married for 47 years Lionel Blair says he is not camp but 'enthusiastic'. For years, people joked that Lionel was gay. It's been a running (rather unkind) gag on Radio 4's I'm Sorry I Haven't A Clue. 'It isn't nice when you have a family,' he says 12 Aug 14


Evan Davis and Simon Fanshawe
Evan Davis and Simon Fanshawe appointed Governors of the Museum of London

presenter and journalist Evan Davis, and co-founder of Stonewall Simon Fanshawe OBE, are among four new Governors chosen for their ability to help us positively impact the lives of Londoners 12 Aug 14


Kellie Maloney
Boxing promoter Frank Maloney reveals he is living as a woman called Kellie

The 61-year-old father of three courageously revealed: "I have always known I was a woman. I can't keep living in the shadows." 10 Aug 14



Come Out To Play LGBT sports research

Research reveals distress of gay students on the sports field
80% of school students have experienced casual homophobia in PE lessons while a quarter have been physically abused by classmates during school sporting activities, new research into depression and anxiety has found 11 Aug 14

Download report 11 Aug 14

LGBT Human Rights in Africa report

Report on Human Rights for LGBT Africans published
In advance of President Barack Obama's upcoming US-Africa Leaders Summit with nearly 50 African heads of state, Human Rights First and the Human Rights Campaign Foundation released a report that provides brief country-specific overviews on the status of LGBT people in each of the continent's 54 nations | Download Report 30 Jul 14

Planning for later life

LGB people grow older fearing discrimination and isolation
poll shows that 48% of LGB people fear discrimination when dealing with bereavement while 55% of those over the age of 45 have no financial provision for their funeral. Shockingly, one in ten say they have experienced discrimination at a funeral or when arranging one 17 Jul 14

Download guide


Blast resources to protect boys from grooming

Resources to tackle the grooming of young men
The BLAST Project
- the UK's leading male only sexual exploitation project - has launched a range of posters and booklets, and a guide for professionals 1 Apr 14


Stonewall guide to activists worldwide

Guide for international activists
Stonewall launches a guide for equality activists worldwide on how to engage with the UK Government 10 Dec 13

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Effects of stress on mental health of sexual minorities to be studied

Effects of stress on mental health of sexual minorities to be studied

The King's College London study is to look at the effects of the stress associated with being a gender and/or sexual minority on mental health and well-being
Take Survey 18 Aug 14

GMFA Think Again

GMFA asks young gay men to 'Think Again' about HIV
In 2012 there were more gay men diagnosed with HIV than in any previous year, and a third of these men were in their teens or twenties. GMFA's new campaign aims to get young gay men thinking, talking and taking action about HIV and sexual safety 24 Apr 14
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What's it like to be gay around the world

What is it like to be gay around the world?
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Alan Turing Institute

Alan Turing Institute to be set up

to research big data, the chancellor has announced in his Budget speech. The government will provide £45m over five years for the project to focus on new ways of collecting, organising and analysing large sets of data 20 Mar 14


Alan Turing

The Alan Turing (Statutory Pardon) Bill clears the Lords
and will now be considered by the Commons. "The view the Government took in the Lords is one I would expect us to reflect in this House too," said Commons Leader Andrew Lansley 1 Nov 13

Codebreak The Alan Turing Story DVD

The Alan Turing Story
now available on DVD - "a powerful, moving and truthful account of Turing's life, his work and his achievements"
Buy DVD 13 Nov 13

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